Biographical Files


The Biographical Files are mainly used by those researchers interested in genealogy and family history. Each name or family name listed corresponds to a folder of materials that may contain research notes, newspaper clippings, obituaries, copies of original manuscripts, and photographs (see also our Photo Subject Files page).




A .

Aaron, Hank

Abbott, Gerald E. Sr.

Abbott, John T.

Abercrombie Family

Abernathy Family

Abram Family

Abrams, Stacey

Adair, Forrest Family

Adair, Jenneywayne H.

Adams Family

Adams, Elbridge Gerry and Elizabeth Shumate

Adams, Enos

Adams, Eugene L.

Adams, John and Edith

Adams, L. D.

Adams, Salathiel

Adams, Velma Crawford

Adcock Family

Adcox Family

Aderhold / Adderholt Family

Aderhold, J. Don and Gerry

Adkins ‚ see also Austin Family

Aides, E. Fred

Akers Family


Akin, George Russell

Akin, Ira Curtis (Curt)

Akin, Milton Chandler ‘Bud’


Akins, James (Cherokee County)

Akins, James Francis (documents)

Akins, Royal

Akins, Thomas J.

Akridge, Family

Alexander, Hooper (see also Ward) 2 folders

Alexander, Jo Holland

Alford, Charles J.

Alford Family (John T. and Lucy S.)

Allan, Elizabeth Ansley

Allen, Dr. David J.

Allen, Emily (see Dr. James L. Hull)

Allen, Theodore B.

Allen, William

Allgood, Dr. Conrad Lacienious

Almand Family

Almand, Bond

Almand, Dr. Joe M. Sr.

Alston Family

Alston, Robert A., 3 folders

Alston, Wallace

Anderson Family

Anderson, Bill

Anderson, Jim

Anderson, Lib

Anderson, Pvt. Robert B.

Andrew, Ruth

Andrews, James and Elizabeth

Ansley, David Henry

Ansley, Edwin P.

Ansley-Goss; Gordon-Park; Boynton-Bryan

Ansley, Wiley S.

Ansley, William Bonneau Sr.

Arden, Irene

Arnold, Leila and Harry F.

Arp, Bill

Ashton, Clark

Atcheson, McDonald

Atwood, Sanford

Austin Family

Austin, Aurelia (Mrs. M.A. Finch)

Austin, W. L.

Avant, Ray

Avery, Myrta Lockett article “Georgia: A Pageant of the Years”, 1933

Ayers Family

Ayers, Oscar Lee


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B .

Badger Family

Badger, Joshua B

Bagley Family

Bagwell, Clarise

Bailey Family

Bailey, J.C. (of Bailey’s Shoe Shop)

Bailey, Jackson

Bain, John Roderick

Baird, Rev. Joseph (McLain Families)

Baker Family

Baker Family (Calvin Ernest Baker)

Baker, Dr. W.B.

Baker, Miss Tommie L.

Baker, Thurbert

Baker, Walter Sr.

Ball, Peter

Ballard, Rev. Jack

Ballard, Jessie Thompson

Bankston, Henry & Elizabeth

Bankston, John A.

Bankston, Sarah, see Bankston, Henry & Elizabeth

Banner, Henry Clay

Bannister Family

Bannister, David Cornelius

Baranco, Juanita P.

Barnes, Tommy

Barnett Family

Barnett, Dr. E.H. (First Presbyterian Church)

Barnett, William (Francis Ward deed)

Barrow Family (Rev. James Barrow)

Barrow, Elsie

Baskett, Mickey and Jim

Bastin, C.B.

Bates, E.E.

Baxter Family

Bayles, Roberta

Bayne Family

Bazemore, Thomas and Alice O.

Beall Family

Beard Family

Beardin, D.H.

Beauchamp Family

Beauchamp, John William

Beauford, John J.

Beavers, Linda

Beavers, Silas

Bechtel, Perry

Beck, Margaret W. (Mrs. Henry L.)

Becker, Cynthia (C.J.)

Beemon, Robert C.

Beggs, Douglas W.

Bell, Dr. James A.

Bell, Loretta and Thomas

Bell, Piromis Hulsey (Lawyer ­ Calico House)

Bell, Richard (Judge)

Benbow, Doras

Benfield, Stephanie Stuckey

Bennett, M. C.

Benning, Gus

Benning, Thomas C.

Bergmark, Jean Robitsher

Biffle Family

Biffle Researchers Newsletter

Biffle, John

Biffle, Leander

Billups, Lanier Richardson

Bird Family

Birney, Mrs. Alice McLillan

Bishop Family

Bishop, Clara S. (deed from Levoy Hunter LL158 ­ original)

Bishop, Clara S.

Black, George Seaborn, Sr.

Blackburn, Ben B.

Blackstock, Winfield Scott and Helen Irvin

Blair, Ruth

Blake Family

Blakeslee, Esthere J. Ogden

Bleckley, Logan E. (Code of Georgia 1882 ­ Original)

Blesset, Elijah (Original papers)

Blocker, Thomas

Blomberg, Ronald Mark

Blount, Roy, Jr.

Blue, Gussie

Blumefeld, Warren S.

Bobo, Walton E.

Boe, Eric

Boggs Family

Boggs, W. Marvin (Mr. & Mrs.)

Boggus, Virginia

Bogle Family

Bogle, Col. James

Boland, Emily

Bond Family

Bond, Braswell, Floyd Families

Bond, Esom Jackson

Bond, I.A.

Bond, J. Robert

Bond, Joseph Ballinger (J.B), 2 folders

Bond, Lee Chupp

Bond, Nick

Bone Family

Bone, Dr. David K.

Bonewicz, Ziggy

Booth, Julie

Boothe, Ed/Inez

Boozer, Jack

Borglum, Gutzon

Bothwell, Eugene

Bouie, Edward Sr.

Bouie, Wendolyn

Bowen Family

Bowers Family

Bowers, Robert Bruce

Boyd, Winfrey

Boykin, Fred

Bradberry, William W.

Bradley, George P

Brady, Seaman Edwin C.

Branch, Caroline Montgomery (Mrs. Alfred Jr.)

Brand Albert Jonas

Brand, J. W.

Brantley, L.G.

Braswell Family

Braswell, Valentine

Brazell, Guy Charles & Lucylle Lae Tatum

Breen, William H. Jr. and Bettye M.

Bridges, Chandler

Bridges, Glenn

Britt Family

Britt, Nelson J. (See Gwinnett Families)

Britt, Richard (Obituary)

Brittain, Thomas C.

Brock Family – Sheriff & Brock Family (Isaac, Reubin, Elias, Emory, etc.)
Also Rev. W.T.M. Brock

Brockett, C.T.

Brodnax, Edna May Keener (Mrs. Thomas H.)

Brodnax, Fran

Brooks, Myrt

Brooks, W.H.

Broom Family

Broome, Robert

Brown, A. Worley

Brown Family

Brown, Cornelius

Brown, Derwin, 2 folders

Brown, Dewey

Brown, Dury

Brown, Fanning/Fannin & Samuel J. Brown

Brown, J.W. (Letters)

Brown, Johnny (DeKalb Superintendent)

Brown, Josiah

Brown, Marel & Alex

Brown, Martha & Burl

Brown, Meredith

Brown, Peter

Brown, Robert L.

Brown, T.M.

Brown, Thomas

Brown, Warren

Brown, William C.

Brown, William/Hardy/Irena/William

Brown, Willima Hardy, Irena Matthews Brown & Family, William H, Jr.,
Posey Newton Brown & Family of Chase Brown of Douglasville, GA

Browne, Drennen

Browning Family (General Info)

Bruce/Brus Family

Bruster/Brewster Family (Changed name)

Bruster, Brewster, Brouster, John

Bryan Family (Kelly and others)

Bryan Family (Stone Mountain)

Bryan, Jonathan (Sketches of Wife)

Bryan, Mary Givens

Bryan, Shepard

Bryan, Wright

Bryant, William and “Gus”

Bryant, William M./Sunnie B.

Bryce/Brice Family

Buchanan, L.C.

Buchanan, Owen E.

Budd, Warren C.

Bugay, Willis and Sabrina

Buggs, Elmer

Buice Family

Buice, Rev. Lester & Family

Burdett, Benjamin

Burford Family

Burgess Family

Burgess, Edward H.

Burgess, Henry/Benjamin F. & Families

Burgess, Henry Claude

Burgess, Robert T. (Bobby)

Burgess, Theron & Doris

Burnett, Lucille S.

Burns Family

Burris, Chuck and Marcia (Mayor of Stone Mountain)

Burrus, Maud

Burton, Margaret L.

Buscela Family

Bush, Marvin

Butler, Gloria

Butler, John

Butler Family

Butzon, Mrs. Marta Kirsch


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C .

Caffey, Eugene Mead

Caldwell, Erskine

Caldwell, Ruby

Calhoun, Dr. F. Phinizy Jr.

Calhoun, Isabella Lee

Calhoun, James M.

Callaway, Allan

Callaway Family

Callaway, John (Ellenwood)

Callaway, Roe & Lois

Callaway, Tom

Calloway, Robert

Camp Family

Camp, Benjamin (served in the 21st GA Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia, Original documents)

Camp, Felix (4 minute men award)

Camp, Thomas L. (Judge)

Campbell, John Angus (1840-1933)

Campbell, Mary Foster

Candler Family

Candler Family (Atlanta Journal 1912)

Candler, Asa Griggs (1888 advertisement)

Candler, Charles Howard

Candler, Charles Murphey

Candler, John S.

Candler, Milton A./Eliza Caroline

Candler, Samuel C.

Candler, Scott

Candler, Scott Jr.

Candler, Warren Akin

Candler, William Word

Cargill, E.C.

Carley, George H. (Judge)

Carlisle, Mrs. Willis

Carlisle, Ralph (Judge)

Carlos, Michael C.

Carlyle Family

Carpenter, Robert

Carr, H.C.

Carr, H.J. and family

Carrel, John (original documents – 1848 – Henry County)

Carroll Family

Carroll, Bernice Vincent

Carroll, Ida Wallace

Carroll, John/Thomas

Carruth, Ludy/Ludie (1897 – 1910 deeds, original documents)

Carson, Fiddlin

Carson, John

Carter Family

Carter, Jimmy

Carter, Mary C.

Carter, Sara Flanigan

Cash Family

Cash, Oliver Perry and Amanda Jane

Cash, R.W.

Casteel, Ruby Brinsfield

Cauble, Thomas Vickers

Cavan, David

Center (James) Family

Chambers Family

Chamblee, Spivey

Chandler Family

Chandler, Ira

Chandler, Jean

Chandler, Joel

Chapman Family

Chapman, A.B. Jr./E.T.

Chappell, Cornelia

Charnell Family

Cherry, Jim, multiple folders

Chesnut, Walt

Chester Family

Chestnut, David/Linda

Chewning, Ambrose

Chewning, Ebb. A.

Chewning, John A.

Chewning, Levi and Matilda

Chewning, Thomas E./John C. (deeds/mortgage 1881-1890)

Chewning, William F./Jesse G.

Childs, Grady L.

Childress, Jesse

Chivers, Dr. Thomas H.

Chives, Thomas H./Harriett H./Emma

Chivers, Joel, Melissa, Andrew, Rebecca

Christian Family

Christian, Mortie H. (Mrs. Decatur)

Chupp Family

Chupp, D.A.

Chupp, Jacob and Elizabeth Marbut

Chupp, James Benjamin

Clack, Oscar Dean

Clack, Tommy

Clark, A.J./Turner P. (brothers)

Clark, Ben and Jonathan

Clark, Gen. Jonathan

Clark, John

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mayo Bradstreet

Clark, Noel Bromley

Clarke, Caroline M.

Clarke, William Henry/Elijah Henry

Clarke-Haynes Family

Clay Family

Cleckley, Mary

Cleland Family

Cleland, Max

Cleveland, Belva

Cleveland, Jesse Franklin

Clinkscales, Martha

Clopton Family

Clopton Family (Lucas, Ivey, Gaines)

Close, Anna Belle

Clotfelter, David H.

Cloud Family

Cobb Family

Cobb, Cully

Cobb, Lovick

Cochran Family

Cofer Family

Coffee Family


Cole, Marvin

Coleman, Bob

Collier, Judge John

Collier, Mayson Smith

Collins, Annie

Colson Family

Compton, Martha Lumpkin

Cone, Jim

Conway, H. McKinley Jr.

Cook ­ Cox Families

Cook Family

Cook, Clarence

Cook, George/Ralph

Cooper, Clarence

Copelan, Stella

Copeland Family

Coppedge, Llewellyn J.

Cordes, Marian Marsh (Mrs. William J.)


Corley Family

Cornwell Family

Cosse, Sara

Costen/Costin/Coston Family

Cottrell, Stan

Couch, Aubrey C.

Council, S. Anthony

Coursey, Jeff

Coursey, Tony

Cousins, Tom

Covalt, Fred

Covington, Alma Glenn

Cowan Family

Cowan, Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. (FDR inauguration relative)

Cowan, Mrs. Jessie

Cowan, Steve

Cowart, Ferdinand

Cown, Mrs. Emory S.

Cox Family

Cox, Jerome W.

Cox, Kathy

Cox, M. E.

Coyne, James Prince

Craig, Mildred Houston

Crane Family

Crane, Gerald W.

Crane, Mary L.K.

Crane, William C. “Bud”

Crawford Family (1924)

Crawford, George

Crawford, Mathew

Crawford, William

Crockett, James P. (deeds 1879)

Crockett, James W.

Cronic Family

Cronin, Stephen

Cross Family

Crouse, Johnnie Marion W.

Crowley, Benjamin

Crown, John Oliver

Culbreath, Harold

Cummins Family

Cunningham, R.A.

Cunningham, Recia

Cunningham, Robert

Cunyas, John (or Conyers?)

Curry, Doris


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D .

Dabbs, Nathaniel

Dabbs/Dobbs John/James

Dabbs/Dobbs Thomas

Dabney, A.B.

Dabney, W.J.

Dahlberg, A.W.

Dahlberg, Bill

Daniel, Edwin C. Jr.

Daniel, Eliner Perkins

Daniel, Troy Emory

Daniel, T. Emory Jr.

Daniel, Mrs. T. Emory Jr.

Daniels, Littleton (deed 1827)

Davenport Family

Davenport, John H.

Daves, Francis

Davidson, Charles L Sr and family, Lithonia

Davidson, Julia

Davies, Geneva

Davis Family

Davis, Agnes Rebecca

Davis, Anne E.

Davis, Edith

Davis, Glady

Davis, James C

Davis, Judge James Curran

Davis, Ken

Davis, Max

Davis, Mrs. Jefferson

Davis, Mrs. Pauline Hudgins

Davis, Pat

Davis, Tom

Day, Irene Kendrick

de la Cruz, Juliet

Deagen, Jerry

Deal, John Marshall Family

Dean Family

Dean, Betty

Dean, James Edward

Decatur, Stephen, 3 folders

Deer, Sandra

DeKalb, Baron Johann, 2 folders

DeLoach, Leon E.

DeLong, Horance Richard


Dempsey, Elam Franklin

Dempsey/Demsey. Alvin

Dendy, William Clay

Denk Family

Dent Family

Des Brosses Family


deSoto, Hernando

Dewald, Gretta

Diamond Family

Dickens Family

Dickson, William

Dieckmann Family

Dieckmann, Christian W.

Dillard Family

Dillard, Mary

Dinapoli, Gerry

Dixon, George

Dobbs – Mitchell Family

Dobbs Family

Dobbs, John

Doherty, James

Dohn, Philip

Donaldson Family

Dorminy, Ora McCowen

Dorril/Dorrell Family

Dowhy, Metro

Drake, E.A.

Driskell, Bill

Drozak, Pat Wade

Duarte, Julio

Dubner, Frances S. (Dr.)

Dubose LaTrelle

Duffee, Lt. Roy K.

Dull, Mrs. S.R.

Dunaway, Sarah Owen

Dunstan, Edgar M. (Dr.)

Dunwoody, Olga

Dupree Family

Durand, Samuel A.

Duren, Jaj

Durham, Georgia

Durham, Jay

Durham, William M.D.

Durrand/Durand Family

DuVall, Rev. Wallace

Dyer, Edwin M. and Jeffie Preston; and Family

Dyson, Forest S.

Dziewierski-Pajonk, Rosa


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E .

Ealum/Elam, Nancy

Easley – Thompson Family

Eberbaugh, Ben

Ebster, D.G.

Ector, Moses

Edge, Lt. David B.

Edmondson, Jerome

Edwards Family

Edwards, Harry Stillwell

Edwards, Lonnie

Edwards, William Augustus (architect)

Ehle, C.W.

Eickhoff, Jerry

Eidson Family

Eidson, Mary

Eison/Eisom, Andrew

Elam, Ralph C.

Elbert, Samuel (Maj. Gen.)

Eldridge, Leila Elizabeth

Ellis, Burrell

Ellis, Connie

Ellis, John T. (Patrolman, Decatur Police – see New Police Review in subject files)

Ellis Family

Ellis, Shadrick

Embree/Embrey Family

Emerson, Patricia

Emmett, Daniel Decatur

Epps, Pat

Erdican, Achilla Imlong

Eskew, Nancy

Estes, William Paul

Ethridge, Lewis

Evans, Frances Porter

Evans, James M- Civil War era, census

Evans, John

Evans, Josephine

Evans, Nancy Hull

Evans, J. Rufus M.D.

Evans, Sarah Avary

Evans, William

Evins, John L.

Evins, Justinian


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F .

Fain, James C. (Jimmy)

Fall, A.B., John S., Calvin J.

Fannin Family

Farris, Ezekiel

Fartout, Mary Margaret

Faver, Jack

Fayssoux, Britt

Fellows, Major Willis

Fellows, Velma

Fellows, Willis S.

Felton, Rebecca Latimer, 2 folders

Fendley/Findley Family

Ferrell, Joseph

Fewell, Richard B., Sr.

Fields, Edwin Smith, Sr.

Fischer, Donald

Fitzpatrick Family

Flake Family

Flake, Winslow

Flanigan, Sara

Fleming, Gwen Keyes

Fletcher, Jessie

Flewellen Letters (1837)

Flint, John

Flowers, John Ebenezer

Flowers, John Yancey

Floyd, Bill

Floyd Family (see Bond-Braswell Family)

Foderingham, Noel

Folsom Family

Fones, Daniel

Forbes, John Ripley

Ford Family

Ford, Rev. Austin

Formby/Fomby Family

Foster, Eula/Elsie

Fountain, Sara

Fountain Jr., T.J.

Fowler Family (File 2-Fowler Family Wills)

Fowler, A.C., John Luther (1861 – deed of land purchase, original documents)

Fowler and Brogden families (1840 original documents)

Fowler, F. 1841-1864

Fowler, F.   Wills

Fowler, Joel

Fowler, John W. (folder of civil war letters)

Fowler, Minty

Fowler, Mr. & Mrs. Robert B.

Fowler, William

Fox, Mary

Franklin, Anne

Franklin, David

Fraser, Donald

Frazier/Fraser Family

Frederick, Faye

Freeborn Family

Freeman, Mary J. (1881 original documents)

Fuller, William Allen

Fulton, Sarah

Furse Family

Furse, Col. F.

Furse, Sara B.

Furse, Stephen, 2 folders


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G .

Gabhart, Diana Ruth

Gaines, Frank Henry, Dr.

Gainey, Ryan

Galifianakis, Frances

Galloway Family

Gantt/Gaunt Family

Gardner, G. Holman

Gardner, Susan

Garrett Family

Garrett, Franklin M.

Garrison, Webb

Garvin/Garwin Family

Gaudier, Dale & Deborah

Gay, Evelyn Ward

Gay, Mary Harris Collection

Gentry Family

Gentry, William T.

George, Catherine Coates

George Family

George, Homer F.

George, Mercer M.

George, Tunstell B.

Gerberding, Julia

Gholdston Family

Gibbs Family

Gibbs, James M.

Gibbs, Jeanne Osborne

Gibson Family Tree

Gibson, Bill & Eloise

Gibson, William Bayne

Gilbert, Dan

Gilbert, Isaac

Gilleland, Ona Lee

Gillespie, Richard Thomas, DD, LLD

Gilliland, Delia S. (and Roy J.)

Gilliland, Ely and E.W.

Gilliland, Hugh, John, James R. (of Alabama)

Gilliland/Gilleland Families of Kentucky

Gittings/Gittens/Giddings Family

Glascock, Thomas

Glass Family

Glenn, John

Glenn, Joshua Col.

Glenn, Miss Layona

Glenn, Wadley R.

Glover, John

Goddard Family

Godsey, Hiram

Goff, John H. (GA Economics History)

Goker, Thomas

Goldman Family

Goldsmith – Bryant Family

Goldsmith, James H.

Goldsmith, James W. (deed 1890)

Goldsmith, Lucy M. Caroline M.

Goodwin Family, see also Special Collection

Googer, M.D. (former chief of police of Decatur – see The Police Review in subject files)

Gordon, John B., 2 folders

Gordon, Johnson, McCurry Family Tree

Gordon, Lemuel

Gore, Betty Lou

Gorman, Leah

Goss Family

Goss, J.H.

Gott, Walter

Goza Family

Grady, Henry W.

Gramling Family

Grant, Ellen P.

Grant, Henry

Grant, Lemuel P.

Grant, Tobie

Grantham Family

Graves, John W.

Green Family

Green, Dr. William Hudson

Green, J.H. (1899 deed decatur cemetery)

Green, John Howell Jr.

Green, Joseph

Green, Juanita Connell

Green, Lessie Rebeccah

Green, Ruth (original document; 1910, Decatur Public Grammar school diploma)

Green, T. Grady

Green, William

Greenberg, Al

Greene, Clement Comer Clay

Greene, Eva

Greer Family

Greer, Robert D.

Gregory, C.E.

Gresham Family

Griffith, Dr. Don

Grigsby, Paul

Grizzle, Rena

Grizzle, Roy Ames Charles

Grogan, Pvt. Dawlman C.

Grogan, Thomas

Groomes, Ruby

Gross, Lila

Guess Family (see also Goodwin)

Guess, Carl Newton

Guess, Edwin Harrison

Guess, Frank L.

Guess, Marion

Guess, William

Guhl, A.C. (Bob)

Guinn Family

Guinta, Ann

Gunn, Heather (formerly of Lakeside H.S.)

Gunnell, William

Gutzke, Dr. Manford G.

Guynn, Jack

Gwaltney, Clinton B.


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H .

Hackett Family

Hadden, Niles

Hagan, Sam

Hairston Family

Hale, David

Hall, Edna

Hall, Ernest Roy

Hall, Jake

Hall, Leila

Hall, Theresa

Hallford, J. Reynolds

Hambrick, John Wesley and Emma Lenore Singleton

Hambrick, Johnnie

Hambrick, Robert McCullough

Hamilton Family

Hamilton, Ida

Hamilton, Joan L. (1984 original documents regarding estate)

Hamilton, Lois

Hamilton, William (Jack) Jr.

Hammet, B.H. (estate papers)

Hampton Family

Haney, Robert E.

Hanson, Grace Robinson Wynn

Haralson Family

Harber, Mary P.

Harbin Family

Hardeman/Hardman/Powell Family

Hardemann, Mrs. Annie

Hardy Family

Harper, Mrs. J.A.

Harris Family

Harris, Corra

Harris, Joel Chandler

Harris, Julian

Harris, Mrs. Charles Leon

Harris, Narvie Jordan and Harris, Joseph Leonard

Harris, Robin

Harris, S.G.

Harris, Thomas (Deed 1848, original documents)

Harrison, Charlie

Harrison, Clark

Harrison, Donald Lee

Harrison, Emily

Hart Family

Hart, Jean

Hartley, Evelyn

Hartrey, James

Harvey, Chris

Harville, Ron

Hastings Family

Hawkins Family

Hawkins, Benjamin

Hayes, Guy

Haygood Family

Haygood, Rev. Francis Marion

Haynes Family

Haynie, Delvous

Haynie Family

Hazelrigs Family

Head, L. Johnson

Heard Family

Heard, Dr. John P.

Heinrich, Oscar

Heinz Family (Murder Case)

Helton, Tom H.

Hemphill, Oliver Willis M.

Henderson Family

Henderson, Charles Burkett

Henderson, Greenville (War of 1812)

Henderson, J.M. (plot of estate, 1928)

Henderson, Major A. (son of Greenville)

Henderson, Thomas

Henderson, William Greenville

Henderson, William Griffin

Henderson, William Riley

Hendricks, J.W. (1868 original document U.S. Patent Office)

Hendry, T. C.

Henry, Capt. Dickson

Henry, Franklin Berry (fought in Battle of Atlanta)

Herring, Kay

Herronton, William S.

Hesier, Mrs. H.G.

Hester Collection

Hester, Fred L.

Hester, Mrs. H.G. (original documents: 1857 deed indentured, government document 1862 $50 script note, original Planters Bank of States)

Hewey, Henry

Hiatt, Samuel and Jewell Varner Hiatt

Hicks, Hix Family

Hicks, Julian

Hicks, W. Emerson Sr.

Higdon Family

Hightower Family (of Virginia)

Hightower-Weatherby Family

Hill Family

Hill, Joseph Edwards

Hill, Peggy

Hill, Vera Rush

Hillyers Family

Hisan, James (1844 original document: letter of correspondence regarding private ownership of land plots)

Hodges, Terry

Hodgson, Newt

Holbrook, Rev. Tim W.

Holcombe Family

Holcombe, Jack H.

Holley Family

Holleyman, W.F., Cora, and Dr. T.S.

Hollifield / Holefield / Holyifield

Hollington Family

Holmes, Pvt. Henry S.

Holston, Isabelle Daniels

Holt, Emily

Holt, Richard

Honiker, Armand, Elizabeth, and Family

Hooks Family

Hooper, Judge John Word (1797-1868)

Hooper, Todd

Hooper, William

Hopkins Family

Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. O.C. (letter, 1928)

Hopkins, Nanette

Hopkins, Dr. R. Stan

Hopkins, Virgil G.

Hornsby Family

Hosch, J. Alton

Hosch, William H. Jr.

Hosford, William D

House Family

Houston – Bond

Houston, J.S.

Houston, Washington J

Housworth Family

Howard, Catherine Ridley

Howard, David T.

Howard Family

Howard, Fred (Maj.)

Howard, Homer

Howard, Pierre

Howard, William Schley

Howell Family, 3 folders

Howell, Hugh Jr.

Howell, Martin Samuel

Howell, Randolph (1873-1912, original documents)

Hoyt, Lucy Maria Bogle

Hubert, Arthur Daverson Jr.

Hubert, H.O.

Hudgins Family

Hudgins, Carl T. (essay on Indian Trails)

Hudgins, J.L.

Hudgins, Jeffrey William

Hudgins, Leroy

Hudson Family

Huff Family

Hughy/Huey Family

Huie, Dr. Ward P.

Hull, Dr. James L.

Hulsey, Jennings

Hulsey, Marion

Humphries Family (1890 photos)

Hunstein, Carol W.

Hunt Family

Hunt, Frank G. (patrolman Decatur police – see New Police Review in subject files)

Hunt, Robert T. (original documents re: 1858 GA Military Institute)

Hunter, Benjamin T.

Hurt, Joel

Hutchens, Roy E.

Hutcheson, Arthur (original documents: 1889 estate voucher, cash book, expense account)

Hutchins, Arthur L.


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I .

Indigo Girls

Ingram, John Frank (Don)

Inman Family

Irvin, John

Ivy, Hardy


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J .

Jackson, Albert Sidney

Jackson, Daniel E.

Jackson, Edward

Jackson, Henry R.

Jackson, John F.

Jackson, Ralph Tellis

Jackson, William Arthur, Jr.

James, Curtis

James, J.L. (Deed Notice 1896)

Jarrell Family

Jarrott, Ginny

Jarvis, Robert P. (Pat)

Jasiewicky, Henry J.

Jeffares Family

Jeffares, Bennett Rainey

Jenkins Family

Jenkins, Gordon Alexander

Jenkins, Lewis

Jennings Family

Jeter Family

Jett, Fannie Mae

Jett, Fred E.

Jett, Rebecca

Jewell, Richard

Johns Family

Johns, John B.

Johnson Family (John Gerdine)

Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Archibald

Johnson, Aycock

Johnson, B. Aton, Mrs.

Johnson, Bettye June

Johnson, Claire

Johnson, Daniel William

Johnson, Elsie W.

Johnson, George W.

Johnson, Isaac W.

Johnson, J.L.

Johnson, Julia Elsie

Johnson, Katherine

Johnson, Lochlin

Johnson, Mrs. Annie Billups

Johnson, Nathan

Johnson, Nelle

Johnson, Preston

Johnson, William

Johnston, Mabel Scott

Jolly Family

Jolly, Jim

Jolly, Mrs. L.D.

Jones, Abram Tillman

Jones, Andrew Jackson

Jones, Anne Register

Jones, Annie

Jones, Ashton

Jones, Ben

Jones, Bobby

Jones, Carlos

Jones, Edward

Jones, George Hamilton

Jones, Gordon

Jones, Henry Clay

Jones, James Robert

Jones, James Rowland

Jones, John William

Jones, L. Bevel III

Jones, Orran Washington

Jones, Paul Griffin

Jones, Randolph Franklin

Jones, Ransom & Elizabeth Wallace

Jones, Rees

Jones, Robert T. (patrolman in Decatur – see New Police Review in subject files)

Jones, Rufus C.

Jones, Seaborn

Jones, Simmons

Jones, Sorrow Garrett

Jones, Thomas N.

Jones, Tim (Tim Jones Cleaners and Laundry)

Jones, Vernon

Jordan, Mary B.


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K .

Kaywood, E. Roy

Keating, Tom

Keenan, Vernon

Kehr, Mrs. Paul D.

Keith Family

Keller, James

Keller, John

Kelley, DeForest

Kelly Census File

Kelley Family

Kellogg, Ed

Keln, Mrs. Paul D.

Kennemer Family

Kent-Thomason Family

Kenton, Neola B.

Kerr, Rev. B.C.

Keyes, Gwendolyn R.

Khadan, Kelvin R.

Kilgore Family

Kimball, H.I.

Kimbrell, Jackson (1882 original document, indenture)

King, Alberta Christine Williams

King, Elizabeth

King, Hal and Family

King, Margaret

King, Martin Luther Jr.

Kirkpatrick Family

Kitchens, Leon L.

Kitchens, Leon Jr.

Kittridge, Watson

Knight Family

Knox, Eleanor

Koplan, Jeffrey (CDC)

Kutchinsky Family

Kurtz, Wilburg, Sr.

Kyle, Elliott


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L .

Lambert, Ann

Lamberth Family

Land, Max

Landord, E.P.

Landover, Samuel

Landrum Family

Lane, Helen

Lane, Mills B.

Lanford, E.C. (Estate sales 1894 original documents)

Lanford, Jessie (original document 1870)

Langford, Frances (Mrs. William A.)

Langley, Alton W.

Lanier Family

Lanier, Robert and Scarlet

Lanier, Sidney

Lanier, Stella (Lanier Garden)

Lankford, W.P.

Lanthrop Family

Lashner, Annette

Lawrence, James Cameron

Lawrence, Roscoe

Lawson Family

Leach Family

Leavell Family

Leconte Family

Lee, Betty English

Lee Family

Lee, Gordon

Lee, Hubert

Lee, Joe

Lee, John Taylor and Millie Frances Sewell Lee

Lee, Mark D.

Lee, Rebecca

Lee, Robert E. Family Tree

Lee, Robert J.

Lee, Sara

Leitch, Robert

Lemon, James

Leverett, John E.

LeVert, Thomas Eugene (Gene)

Levitas, Barbara

Levitas, Elliott

Lewis, Ann E.

Lewis, Crawford

Lewis, Earl

Liane, Levetan

Lietch Family

Lind, Edward (architect)

Lindsey, E. Byron

Liorens, Joseph

Little Family

Littleton Family

Litton, Dr. James H.

Litton, Mr. J.W.

Lively Family

Lively, Charles

Lively, Gene

Livsey Family

Livsey, Mrs. R.L. – (1862 correspondence, Camp Lamar, Yorktown, Virginia, between brother and sister)

Llewellyn, Jane

Llorens, Joseph V.

Loap, Barbara

Lockett Family

Lockhart, Malcolm

Lockhart, Ralph

Loewenstein, Howard

Long, Carol Dinkler Weekes

Long, Crawford W.

Longstreet Family

Love, Dr. Ida

Lowney, J.S. (former City Manager of Decatur – see ³New Police Review² in subject files)

Loyd Family

Loyd, Joseph

Loyd, Juata

Loyd, Juda

Luckey, John B.

Lumpkin Family

Lyle, J.H. – 1861 purchase orders

Lynch, John Henry

Lynch, William Joseph

Lyon, Ben and Bebe

Lyon Family

Lyon, Joseph Emmanuel (see John Biffle File)


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M .

Mable, Maury F.

MacDonald, Flora

MacGill Family

Mackay Collection

Mackle, Barbara Jane

Maddox, Emilie P.

Maddox Family

Maguire, Thomas

Mahaffy Family

Majette, Denise

Malone, Henry Thompson

Malone, W.B. (Woody)

Maloof, Manuel

Manget, H.F.

Mangum Family

Manley Family

Mann, Carolyn Becknell

Manners, Claire

Manners, Dr. George E.

Manning Family

Manning, Brince III

Manning, Brince Jr. and Family

Marbut Collection

Marbut, John K.

Marlatt, Luci B.

Martin Collection, 2 folders

Martin, Estelle Mae

Martin, Gus

Martin, J. Lamar

Martin, Dr. Lewis W.

Martin, Rounelle

Mason Family

Mason, Herman Jr. (Skip)

Mathews, Doris

Mathews, G.W.

Mathis Family

Matthews, Charles A

Matthews, H.J.

Matthews, Lawrence

Matthews, Mrs. Antoinette Johnson

Matthews, Warren

Maxwell, Frances

McAfee Family

McAlister, James R.

McCain, James Ross

McCarter, Wellborn Philips

McCranie, Maggie W.

McClelland, John

McCorkle, Annis

McCullar, Bernice

McCullar, Horace Edward

McCulloch, John and Elizabeth

McCurdy Family, 2 folders

McCurdy Lucile

McCurdy, Douglas

McCurdy, John C.

McCurdy, Mr. Julius

McCurdy, Walter Jr.

McDaniel, Charles Pope

McDonald, George Glenn

McDonald, Sarah Frances

McDowell, “Mac”

McElory, Family

McElroy, John Calvin

McElroy, Samuel

McElvaney Letters

McElvaney, C.L. (original letters, c. 1850)

McElvany Family

McEntire, J.T.

McEntire, S.C. (Seab)

McGill, Patrick (copy of 1788 will)

McGinnis, Charles W.

McGinnis, Hiram

McKay, Ida Mae Britt

McKinney, Billy

McKinney, Charles D.

McKinney, Cynthia

McLain, Warren Sr.

McLendon, Jane

McLeod Family

McLeod, Stine

McMichen Family

McMillan, Aurelia Roach, 3 folders

McMullan,Blanche Bagley

McMurray, Payne

McMurray, William Leroy

McNeil, Col. James

McRae, William G.

McWhorter, Hugh

McWilliams Family, 2 folders

Meacham, Henry Sr.

Mead Family, 2 folders

Means, Dr. Alexander

Mears, Mike and Sue Ellen

Medlock Family (Matlocks, 2 folders)

Medlock, Randolph

Medlock, Wm Parks

Meek, Trevor Glenn

Mell, Mildred Rutherford

Mell, Valerie

Melton, Ira B. Sr.

Menaboni, Athos (brochures on artwork)

Menne Family

Meredith, Robert

Merritt, Levi

Midgette, Gordon Moody (former Dekalb Historical Society director)

Mikell, Donna Beemon

Millar Family

Millard, Herbert J.

Millas, Rovla Speros

Miller Collection (original 1890 documents, 2 folders)

Miller Family

Miller, Belle

Miller, David G., Lillian, Anna

Miller, H.M.

Miller, James B.

Miller, Virginia F.

Miller, Zell and Shirley

Minor, Roy Palmer

Minsk, Annie (see Rittenbaum family)

Mitchell Family

Mitchell Family

Mitchell, Eugene M.

Mitchell, Judge Oscar

Mitchell, Lavinia Norman

Mitchell, Margaret

Mitchell, Nimrod

Mitchell, Pvt. Ray

Mitchell, Ralph

Mitchell, William

Mize, John Wesley

Moffett, Thomas

Moncrief, Adiel J.

Moncrief, Festus R.

Montgomery, Charlene

Montgomery, James McC.

Montgomery, Keith

Montgomery, Mrs. John Allen

Montgomery, Mrs. Mary P.

Moody, Eddie

Moon, Frances

Moore Family

Moore Family

Moore, Ernest

Moore, James

Moore, James (Red)

Moore, Hill and Julia Ann Northern Moore

Moore, Thomas Henry

Moreland, Major A.F.

Morgan, Dewit C. (correspondence with Missouri Stokes filed under Stokes, Missouri)

Morgan, Dorothy P.

Morgan, J. Tom

Morris, Eloise

Morris Family, 2 folders

Morris, Aubrey

Morris, Fred A.

Morris, John B. Family

Morrison, William M.

Morse, Gene and Chester

Moseley, Frances P.

Moseman, Mary Pope Morris

Mullins Family

Murphey, Charles

Murphey-Roseberry (WWII memorabilia)

Myers, Orie E. Jr.


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N .

Najour, George

Napier, George

Nash Family

Nash, John Nesbit

Nash, S.S.

Nash, Surname

Neill Family

Nelms Family

Nesbit, William, 2 folders

NeSmith, Helen C.

Neugent, Susan E.

New Family

Newsome, Jane Owen

Newton, Dr. Louie D.

Newton, John

Nieves, Dany

Nix, Dorothy, 7 folders

Noble, William

Norcross, Mr. and Mrs. Otis P.

Norman Family

Norman, Harris

Norris Family

North, James F. (Jim)

Northen Family

Norton Family

Nour, Elias


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O .

O’Dell Family

O’Doherty, Bernie

Ogilby Family

Oglethorpe, James Edward

O’Hair, Ralph

O’Kelley, Mattie Lou

Oliver, Henry

Ollis, Jane Bell

O’Nan, Harry

O’Neal, Leon

Oney, Steve

Oni, Sam

Ordner, Helen

O’Rouke, M. Juanita

Orth, Elizabeth G.

Osbourne, Kerrie

Ott, John

Owen, Eddie

Owens Family

Owens, Sue Ellen

Owens, Ted R.

Oxford, J.L.

Oxford, John M.

Ozmer Family

Ozmer, John W.


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P .

Pace Family

Paden, John T. (1889 deed)

Paden, Thomas N.

Padgett, J.L.

Papadopoulos, John

Parent, Elena

Paris, Joyce

Park Family (1895 original pamphlet, 1909 Scholar Report)

Park, Addie

Park, Russell

Parker, Beth

Parker, Gazaway

Parker, Isaiah

Parker, W. J.

Parks, Joseph

Parks, Raymond K.

Parris, Robert

Parson, Sara

Partridge, Sadie

Pass, Warren H.

Patillo, C.E.

Patillo, Dan

Patillo, Mrs. W.P.

Patterson, Charlotte Williams

Patterson Family

Patterson, Esmond J.

Patterson, Josiah Blair

Patterson, Samuel

Pauley, Frances

Paulk Family

Paullin, William L. Jr.

Payton, Clifford

Payton, Early S.

Peacock, J.T.

Pearce, Kathleen

Pearson, Mrs. Fletcher

Peavy, Harry Candler

Peavy, Virgil

Peeler, Judge Clarence

Pendergrast Family

Pendery, George Willard

Perkerson, Dempsey

Perkins, Berry C.

Perkins, Jim

Perrin, Tom and Dorris

Perry, Clayton H. and Lib

Phelps, F.

Philips, Dr. J. Davison

Philips, F. (Redan)

Phillips, Brandon

Phillips, J.M. Family

Phillips, Robert Johnson

Phillips, Thomas H.

Pichard, Pvt. John Thomas

Pickens Family

Piel, Frances

Pinnell Family

Pitcher Family

Pitman Family

Pitman, Elisha D.

Pittard, F.

Plant, Percy (10 folders)

Plunkett, “Sarge”

Polk Family

Pomeroy Family

Pomeroy, Sanford

Pool, Poole

Pope and Wood Families

Porter, Frances

Porter, Frank

Porter, Logan

Porter, Will

Potts and Elam Families

Potts, Samuel

Pound, Sidney F.

Pounds, Pauline

Power, Joseph and Isabella

Prather, Emily and Eva

Pratt Family

Preacher, G. Lloyd

Preston, Mrs. J.E.

Prevatt, C.V.

Price, Jamie

Price, Kelly

Prickett and Parks Families

Prince, Syble

Pruitt, Hoyt L.

Puckett, Harris

Puckett, John L.

Pugh, Joe

Pullen, Greenville Taylor

Pyron, William


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Q .

Quinones, Pedro P.

Quinton Family


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R .

Ragsdale Family

Rainey, H. Fess

Rainwater, Charles Veazey Sr.

Ramsey, Calvin

Ramspeck, Robert

Ramspeck, Miss Lottie

Ramspeck Manuscript

Randolph Family

Rankin, Capt. John G.

Rankin Family

Ranking, John

Ray Family

Reagin Family

Redding Family

Redding, Ruby (Mrs. J. Frank)

Reed, Neil (architect)

Reeves, William

Reeves Family

Reeves, Joel

Reinhardt, Marion

Remigailo, Damon

Renfroe, Carl

Reynolds, Elzey

Reynolds Family

Reynolds, Jack

Reynolds, John R.

Reynolds, J. Low

Rhyne Family (see Alexander, Hooper file)

Rice, Carole

Rice Family

Richardson, Anna P.

Richardson Family

Richardson, Thomas

Riddle, Nell Franklin

Ridley, John Robert

Rinhard, Floyd and Marion

Ripley, Katherine

Ripley, Thomas R.

Rittenbaum Family

Robarts, Faye-Huntington

Roberson Family

Roberts, Doris

Roberts Family

Robertson, Andrew B.

Robertson, Miss Florine

Robertson, Margaret (see Ball, Peter)

Robinson, CAS

Robinson, David E. III

Robinson, Erma Johnson Whitehurst

Robinson, Kristen

Robinson, William Henry

Robinson, Dr. W.S.

Robson Family

Rochwick Family

Rodney, Lester

Rogers Family

Rogers, Robert J., Jr.

Ross, Eleanor

Ross Family

Roth, Bill

Rothman, Richard

Royall, John Martin (Jack)

Rumsay, William

Ruskin, Gertrude McDavis

Russel, Kay

Russel, Walt

Ruthland, Calvin

Rutland, Guy W. Jr.

Rutland, Guy W. Sr.

Rutland, Theodore Robert


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S .

Saffold Family

Safford Family (Original letters, c. 1849-1865)

Saggus, Samuel

Salesky, George H.

Sams, Augustine

Sams Bentz Families

Sams, Eileen Dodd

Sams History

Sams, Lula Duncan

Sams, Marion

Sams, Richard F. Jr.

Sanders, Anna

Sanders, Eugene H.

Sanders, John

Sanders, Lucious

Sayward, William J. (architect)

Scaglion, Jim

Scaife Family

Scantland, Dwight

Schmidt, Ruth (Agnes Scott College President 1986)

Schmidlin, Sara

Schmidt, Steve

Schwartz, Phyllis

Scoggins, Lillian McWilliams

Scott Family

Scott, Agnes Irvine

Scott, George Washington, 2 folders

Scott Diary (George Washington)

Scott, Jacqueline

Scott, Kelsy

Scott, Milton C.

Scott, Tommy

Scott-Heron, Gil

Seacrest, Ryan

Seeliger, Clarence (Chuck)

Segars, Mildred B.

Sequin, Joey

Seward, Coleman

Sewell, W.H. (Shorty)

Shad, John J.

Shaddox Family

Shaffer, Ruby Nell

Shanahan, Vicki

Sharp Family

Sharpe, Hiram

Sharian, Bedros Sr.

Sharpe Family

Sharpe, Hiram

Shaw, Harry B.

Sheffield Family

Shelnutt, Lillian

Shepard/Shepherd/Sheppard Families

Shepherd Family

Shepherd, Helen

Shepherd, Rev. Hubert Floyd

Shepherd, William Clyde

Sheppard, Carol

Sheppard, David Family

Sheppard Family

Sheppard, Henry Milton

Sheppard, J.A.

Sheppard, William Family

Shepperd Family

Sheth, Jagdish

Shinhoster, Earl T.

Shirley Family, 2 folders

Short, Richard K Jr.

Shoults, Carrie

Shumate Family

Sibley, Celestine

Sikes, Raymond

Silvey, Marie

Simmons, Dr. Vee

Simpson, Arthur

Simpson, Guss

Simpson, Homer Andrew

Simpson, Lubie

Simpson, Ralph

Simpson, Silas Milton

Simpson, Thomas William

Sims Family

Singleton Family 3 folders

Singleton, Franklin P. (1898 Deed)

Singleton, George W.

Singleton, James F.

Singleton, James Madison (1892 Warranty Deed)

Singleton, Jeff

Singleton, John Washington

Singleton, Joseph J.

Singleton, Nolon

Singleton, Millard

Singley, Tom

Sitton, Pauline

Slack, Searcy

Slade Family

Slater, Barbara Jones

Slaughter, John and Gloria

Skelton, Beverly Mason

Smith, Albert Cecil

Smith, Miss Daisy Francis

Smith, Deen Day

Smith, Enrique R

Smith Family

Smith, Francis Marion

Smith, Mrs. Glynton M.

Smith, H.N.

Smith, Isaac F.

Smith – Kennedy – Collins

Smith, Parker Burgess

Smith, Rankin

Smith, Robert

Smith, Robert Franklin

Smith, Robert J.

Smith, Whit

Smith, William Robert

Snead, Family

Snow Family

Southard family

Speer, Maud Roach

Speights, Russell

Sprayberry, William

Spruill Family

Stanley, Mrs. E.A.

Staples, Henry Perry

Stapp Family of Alabama

Stapp Family, 2 folders

Stapp Family of Kentucky

Starke, Jane Hodges

Staton, J.B.

Steagall, Al

Steele Family

Steele, Leslie

Steinberg, Cathy

Steiner, Andre (architect)

Stephens, Alexander

Stephens Family

Stephens, Franklin

Stephenson, Josiah

Stephenson Family

Stephenson, bible records

Stephenson, James

Stephenson, Thomas (Original 1894 Letters)

Stewart General File

Steward, Absalom

Steward, Aulston

Steward Family

Steward, John Barnett

Steward, Joseph


Still, Benjamin

Stinson, Charles H.

Stinson, Iva Lee Stovall

Stokes, Missouri, 2 folders

Stokes, William

Stokes, William H.

Stone, Daniel

Stone, Joseph

Storey, Ruth

Stovall, Paul M.

Stowers Family

Strange, Edith N.

Strickland Family

Strickland, William J.

Stringer, Robert H., Sr.

Stringer, W. Kenneth

Strother Family

Stubblebine, Roberta

Stuff, Ida Wells

Sumney Family

Suttles, William

Sutton, E.B.

Sutton, Sherry

Swanton Family

Swilling, Sam

Swindall, Pat

Swofford, Ron


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T .

Taliaferro Family

Tallant, Mrs. Marge

Talley, Amanda

Talley, Farrish

Talmadge, Herman

Tanner Family

Tarleton, Fiswoode

Tate, Anna

Tate, J.V.

Tatman, Georgann

Tatum, Burt

Taylor Family

Teate, Dr. H. Luten Jr.

Terrell Family

Terrell, William H.

Terry, Bobby Richard

Terry General File

Terry, Mrs. Mary

Terry, Stephen

Terry, Thomas

Terry, William

Thibadeau, William C.

Thigpen-Milosz, Carol Marie

Thomas Family

Thomas, George

Thomas, John Greenberry

Thomas, Kenneth

Thomas, Nadine

Thomas, Steffen

Thomas, W.B.

Thomas, Wales Wimberly (1922-1998)

Thompson, David

Thompson Easley Family

Thompson Family, 2 folders

Thompson-Easley Family

Thompson, Martin

Thompson, Jones (Bible records)

Thompson, Dr. Joseph

Thompson Family

Thornton, W.W. (Original letters, c. 1862)

Threadgill, Selman

Thrower, Louise Wilson

Thurman Family

Tibbitts, Joseph C. (1845 account statement; also see Tibbitts in Special Collections)

Tice, Harry E.

Tillman, Judge Curtis

Tiller, Stephen

Tilley/Tilly, Stephen

Timme, Bill

Tisdale, Harry

Titshaw Family

Tolbert, Chuck

Tolbert-Jackson Family (Black History)

Torrence, Gwen

Towers-Fowler Family

Towers, Rev. Lewis

Towers, William Alden

Towers, William

Townley Family

Treadwell, E.E.

Tribble, R.H.

Trice, Mrs. Manolia C.

Tricoli, Anthony S.

Trimble, Della

Trott, Grace Evelyn Moore

Trotti, Louise Haygood

Trotti, Mary Louise

Trotti, Mrs. Hugh H., 3 folders

Trotti Family

Tucker Family

Tucker, Lawrence (Tuck)

Tufts, Arthur; Tufts House (Emory)

Tuggle, Charles

Tuggle Family

Tumlin, Sarah Jean

Turner, Evelyn

Turner, Fred

Turner, Jean

Turner, Judy

Turner, Mary Agnes

Turner, E.T.

Turner, Aubrey Mel


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V .

Vandiver, Roy W.

Van Valkenburg, Mrs. Chase

Vaughan, Virginia (Mrs. George M.)

Vaughters, Silvey Brice

Vaughn Family

Veal Family, 2 folders

Veal, Nathaniel

Veal-Smith Families

Venable, Bill and Billy

Venable, James R.

Venable, William and Samuel

Venable Lineage

Vinson, Thomas O.

Von Bolt, William


Top of Page


W .

Wabner, James

Waddell, Charles H.

Waddle, Alfred

Wade, N.E. (1876 original document)

Wade Family

Wade, Zachary

Wade, Frank

Wade, P.A.

Wade, Joseph

Wade, Paul

Wade, Robert

Wagner, Eugene R. Sr.

Waits, Johnny

Waits, Mark

Waits, J.W.

Waits, Sarah

Waldrop, Homer

Waldrop Family

Walker, Costelle

Walker, Eugene

Walker Family

Walker, Dr. Harry Chandler

Walker, Joseph

Walker, Lou and Theresa

Wallace Family

Wallace, Ina C.

Waller, Ralph

Walsh, Helen

Warbington, Ellemander

Ward, Horis

Ward, Judson

Ward, Mary

Ward, William

Ware, William Orie

Waring, Grace

Waring-Taylor Family

Waring, Robert H.

Warren, F.E. (Ferdinand) – obituary of this artist and former Agnes Scott Professor

Warren, E.P.

Warren-Stowers Family

Warren Family, 2 folders

Wasdin, Rose

Washburn, Bill

Watkins, Beverly “Guitar”

Watson, Tom

Watson, W.R.

Watts, John

Way Family

Weaver, Benjamin

Weaver, Jackson

Weaver, G. Alvah

Weaver, J. Calvin

Webb, Carl O.

Webb, Elijah

Webb, Susan

Webb, Wiley

Weed, William

Weekes, John W. (letter to Amanda Talley in the Talley File)

Weekes, Leona (letter from mother)

Weekly, Gwen

Weeks, Bartemus (1821 land lottery, 1799 seal)

Welch, Jerry

Weldon, James

Wellborn-Philips Family

Wells, Bonnie and Winnie

Wells Family (1912 original document, original letters, 2 folders)

Wells, Cliff

Wells, George R.

Weems, James Thomas

Wenger, Nanette K.

Werner, Jon

Wesley, John

Wesson, Ashford

Westbrook, John

Westrom, Art

Whaley, Ernie

Whaley, James William

Wheeler, Jacob

Wheeler, Joseph

Wheeler, Pete

Whidby, William G.

Whipple Family

White, B.F.

White, Goodrich

White, S.E.

White, Dr. William N. (1811 original letter)

Whitefoord Family

Whitfield, Curtis Lee

Whitley Family

Whitlock Family

Whitlow Family

Whitt, Charlotte Riley

Wier Family

Wilburn, Leila Ross (architect)

Wiley Family

Wilkerson, Roger

Wilkie, Claire Cox

Wilkens, Commander Bennie F., 2 folders

Wilkes, J. W.

Wilkinson, (Mims)

Willard, Levi

Willard, J.J.

Williams Family

Williams, Hiram

Williams, Hosea

Williams, Jesse

Williams, John (A)

Williams, John (B)

Williams, Kress R. (Bill)

Williams, Oscar Raymond Family

Williams, Sidney Earle

Williams, Wheat, Jr. and Sr.

Williamson, Randall

Willingham Family

Wilson, Blondine Smith

Wilson, Bob

Wilson, Carter

Wilson, Clifford F. Sr.

Wilson, Elizabeth

Wilson Family

Wilson, Pvt. James Ollie

Wilson, John A.

Wilson, J. B.

Wilson, Mayme F.

Wilson, Walter L.

Winnie, Ham Oliver

Wimpy, W. E.

Wingate Family

Withers, Edward Arundel

Witt, Florence L.

Womack Family

Womack, Macie Donaldson

Wong, Alvin

Wood, Martha (1895 original document)

Wood, John Y.

Wood Family

Wood-Pope Family

Wood, Thomas

Wood-Woods Family

Woodall Family

Woodall, John

Woodall, Philip

Woodard, Cathy

Woods, Maggie Carolyn

Woods, W.B.

Woodruff, Robert

Woolf, Sarah

Woolley, Basel

Wooton Family

Wooten, Martha

Word, Ernest

Worrell, Patricia

Worthy Family

Wright Family I, II

Wright, Roberts

Wright, William

Wright, William D.

Wyatt, Caroline

Wyatt, Eugene Cox

Wyatt, Rubye


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Y .

Yarbrough Family I, II

Young, Emory Carl

Young, Hardaway (Buddy)

Youmans, Jim


Top of Page


Z .

Zeller, Marie Starr

Zuber, Leo J.