Photograph Subject Files

The Photograph Subject Files contain photographs depicting various aspects of life in DeKalb County. The subjects covered in this collection and their corresponding box numbers are listed below, as well as descriptions of their contents.


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Box 1 Individual & Family Portraits A-D

Box 2 Individual & Family Portraits E-H

Box 3 Individual & Family Portraits I-P

Box 4 Individual & Family Portraits Q-S

Box 5 Individual & Family Portraits T-Z; Unidentified Individuals

Box 6 Business and Industry A-K

Box 7 Business and Industry L-Z

Box 8 Churches

Box 9 Cities and communities

Box 10 Government: People, Buildings, Agencies

Box 11 Homes and Places (A-L)

Box 12 Homes and Places (M-Z)

Box 13 Old Courthouse

Box 14 Military & Markers

Box 15 Organizations & Parks

Box 16 Schools (A-G)

Box 17 Schools (H-Z)

Box 18 Schools: Colleges and Universities

Box 19 Transportation


Box 1


Abram, J.H. family with children Ruth, Glynn, Howard and Ethel

Adams, Salathiel and his wife Annie Catherine Ball Adams

Akin family (family reunion 1929 photograph); two photographs of children

Alexander, Hooper (two photographs of Mr. Alexander sitting at desk)

Alexander, William Prescott

Allgood, Dr Conrad L

Alston, Col. Robert A.(photograph of portrait, with negative)

Ambrose, Clifford (see also Tucker Baptist Church)

Anderson, Sally (see also Singleton Family)

Anderson, Tom (see also Courthouse box; Tom Anderson with horse photograph, c. 1910)

Ansley family (Mrs. Wiley Shorter Ansley with Hamilton Goss Ansley on lap, and mother Mrs. J.H. Goss, Sr. in background/original plus copy)

Ansley, David Henry (three photographs) also see Candler, Scott Sr.

Ansley, Wiley (in group photograph with Louis Ramspeck, Paul Coffee, Allen Ripley, Bob Cunningham)

Austin, Aurelia, misc. portraits

Badger, Dr Roderick, dentist

Bagwell, Sally (see also Austin, Aurelia)

Baker, Thurbert

Ball, John W. (several photographs of the Ball Family, c. 1916)

Bankston, John A. (in uniform, killed at Battle of Atlanta, 1864)

Beales, Frances Loehr Green; Beales

Bell, James Addison (Lithonia)

Bell, Piromis Hulsey

Bell, Richard

Bennett, M.C. family

Berrien, John MacPherson

Biggers, Bascom (see also Avondale Grammar School)

Billups, Annie

Blackmon, Marbut (Lithonia mayor)

Bond, J.B. (see also Rock Chapel Methodist Church)

Bond, Joseph (two negatives)

Borglum, Gutzon

Brogdon, Erle (1898 photograph. See Austin, Aurelia)

Brown, Derwin

Brown, John Llewlyn

Bryan, Shepard

Burges, Dodies (oversized photo)

Burgess family (one photograph of Henry Burgess, Ben Burgess, George A. Ramspeck, J.B. Steward, Ordinary, and unidentified black man)

Burnham, Arthur N.

Burns, George A. and Evie Garner and children

Burton, Joe

Butler, J.B. (see also Avondale Grammar School)

Cain, Francis (see also Tucker Baptist Church)

Candler family

Carley, Justice George (see also Walter McCurdy, Jr. file)

Carroll family (group photo, c. 1939. The descendants of John and Elizabeth Maloney Carroll)

Carter family (one photograph of Mary S. Weems Carter, Evie Carter, Jesse Gordon Carter & George Washington Weems, c. 1896. Photograph located in the Carter Home file in box 9)

Cash, Amanda Jane, c. 1900

Cash and Frazier family portrait (c. 1911. At the Frazier home on the Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker)

Cherry, Jim (see also Ward, Judson)

Chesnut family (one group photograph of J. Harvey Chesnut, Olivia Chesnut, Marian Chesnut, David Gladney Chesnut, Pearl Chesnut Berry, Margaret Chesnut Bowden)

Chewning, Tom & Lila (two photographs which were used in Vanishing DeKalb book. Also see Austin, Aurelia)

Chivers, Thomas Holley

Chupp family (One photograph of the Jacob Chupp Home, one photograph of Marion “Mickey” Chupp Rauch, 1985, one photograph of William Thomas Chupp & James Benjamin Chupp, Jr., 1946)

Clack, Golden

Clark, Joe

Clarke, Elijah Henry (c. 1862. in Confederate uniform)

Clarke, Marion

Clarke, William Henry (photograph of a portrait, 1847)

Clarkston, Ruth Jones

Cleland, Max

Cobb family (1910 group photograph. Photograph has genealogical information on back)

Coffey, Paul (see also Wiley Ansley)

Coggins, Ida Mae (see also Singleton Family)

Cole, Roy (see also Ware, Tom)

Coletti, George

Connell, Louise (see also Avondale Grammar School)

Cook, Bruce (see also Tucker Baptist Church, Box 6)

Crawford, Tom

Crockett, James W.; Kiser, M.C.

Crumps, R.A.

Dabney, William (group photograph with Guy Webb, Eugene Allen, Homer F. George)

Davidson, Charlie Jr. (see also Walter McCurdy, Jr. file)

Davis, Anna E. (additionally, see McCollough files)

DeKalb, Baron

DeKalb legal community, various, 1950s

Denk family (Catherine Glenn, Elsa Denk and Joyce Alexander)

Diamond, Amanda Delia

Diamond, John Rabierson

Diamond family portrait

Douthard, Dr. Ross S., Sr.

Dunagan, Emma (see also Austin, Aurelia)


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Box 2


Eidson, Will

Emerson, Patricia

England, Junius (see also Austin, Aurelia)

Erwin, Eugenia (original photograph taken 1899. She is one year old in the picture)

Estes family

Evans, Adela Chupp

Evans, Ed

Evins, Nancy & Georgia

Farnham Brothers (not necessarily DeKalb, but part of Ed Cummins Collection)

Fellows, Willis S.

Felton, Rebecca Latimer (one portrait, taken 11/22/1922, the day she addressed the U.S. Senate)

Ferguson, Stella Lanier

Fletcher, Jessie

Florance, Sam W. & Mary Wingate (standing in front of house in Avondale Estates, c. 1928)

Forsyth, John (two sketches)

Fowler family

Frazier family (one group photograph, c. 1909. Also see Cash family photograph)

Freeborn, W.

Freeman, Mary Hines

Furse, Stephen

Garrett, Franklin

George, B.B., Lithonia

Gibson, W. Bayne (see also Candler, Scott Sr.)

Gilmer, George R. (see also Berrien, John MacPherson)

Gilreath, Jean Clarkson

Goddard, Byron and Phebe

Green, Margaret Octavia, 1898

Gresham, Alma Long

Grizzell, Rena

Grizzell, Roy Ames Charles

Guess, Edwin Harrison (in Confederate uniform)

Guzzell, Miss (see also Candler, Scott Sr.)

Hall, Billy

Hand, Dick

Haralson, George (see also Tucker Baptist Church, Box 6)

Haralson, John (see also Tucker Baptist Church, Box 6)

Hardman, John (pictured with his son William and his daughter Jane Hardman)

Hardeman, Charlotte Ramspeck

Hardeman family

Harris, Narvie J.

Harrison, Clark (pictured at controls of an airplane)

Hastings, Stanley & Gladys

Hatcher, Ethlyn (see also Avondale Grammar School, box 14)

Hays, Eddie

Henderson family

Higginbotham, Joe

Hill, Ed (see also Candler, Scott Sr.)

Hood, Cynthia

Hooper family

Hopkins, Ernest (see also Tucker Baptist Church, Box 6)

Howell, Hugh, Jr. (also see Stonehaven in historic homes box)

Hudgins family portrait (c. 1914)

Hull, Dr. James L.

Hunt, Gordon (c. 1901;  see also Austin, Aurelia)

Hudson, Mrs. W. Guy, Sr. (two photographs)

Hutcheson family (one photograph of Judge John B. Hutcheson and one photograph of Rebecca Hutcheson)

Hyde, Patty (wedding photographs)


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Box 3


Indigo Girls

Jarvis, Robert P. (Pat)

Jewett, Henry

Johnson family, Oakdale Road

Johnson family (Willie Lilenah Medlock, and Daniel W. Johnson marriage photograph, 1887, Geordie Johnson, age 1, photograph)

Jolley, Bob

Jolly, J.B. (Joe)

Joiyner, Metz (see also Austin, Aurelia)

Jones, Abram Tillman “Tim”

Joyner, William E.

Kehr, Mrs. Paul

Kerr, Josephine Swanton (see also Julius McCurdy file)

Keys, Mrs. Marion – Lithonia

Kirkpatrick family

Kurtz, Wilbur

Leftwich, Anna Belle (see also Philips, Mary Virginia)

Leftwich, Pearl Philips (see also Philips, Mary Virginia)

Lehmberg, Peggy

Levetan, Liane (with Sue Ellen Owens, director of DeKalb History Center)

Looney, James Shook, city manager of Decatur

Lynch, John Henry

Lynch, Mike

McCollough, Mrs. John M.


McCurdy, Julius (one portrait; group picture after Frank Miller’s wedding, 1949)

McCurdy, Maurie Ruth, Myrtie and Meg, plus other 1910s photos

McCurdy, Mrs. Julius (see also Julius McCurdy file)

McCurdy, Walter Jr. (three pictures, c. 1967)

McCulloch, Maggie (see also McCollough file)

McKinney, Charles Daniel (1917)

McKoy, Laura (two photographs – copyright belongs to Atlanta Historical Society)

McMurray, William

McPherson, General

Mable, Leila

Mable, Maury (St. Patrick’s Day Parade Photographs)

Mackay, James

Mann, Mary

Martin, Styles (Principal of Center Grove School; see also Center Grove School in oversized photograph box)

Maloof, Manuel

Marbut, Mercer and Linette

Mason, Dr. J.M. & Family (plus one photograph of the children of Leila Venable Mason)

Meadows, Clifford (see also Tucker Baptist Church, Box 6)

Mendenhall, Dr. & Mrs.

Melton, Clarence (see also Tucker Baptist Church, Box 6)

Metz, James H.

Miller, James (see also Avondale Grammar School)

Mitchell family

Morgan, Cicero

Morgan, Dorothy Pope

Moore, Madge and Pierce

Morris, Melany


Nash family (Cake for Lt. L.T.Y. Nash)

Nash, Lewis

New, Georgia (Mrs. Edward G.)

O’Neal, Leon family

Outlaw, Mary Jane Foy

Owens, Sue Ellen (see also Levetan, Liane)

Oxford, John M.

Palmer, Ernest (see also Austin, Aurelia)

Park, Branson and Lawton

Park, Robert and Wynette, Panola Shoals Covered Bridge

Philips, Frank Monroe

Philips, Mary Virginia Wellborn (Molly)

Pike, Pete and Jerri

Pitts, Kite (School teacher, see also Center Grove School in oversized photograph box)

Pliny, Eli Hudson

Potts, Frances Rebecca

Powell Everhart collection

Powell, Chapmon

Powell family

Powers, Frank, Lithonia


Pruitt family

Purcell family (several photographs, including WWI photographs)


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Box 4


Quinn, Larry Eugene

Ragsdale, J.D. (see also Macedonia Baptist Church, Photograph Subject Files, Box 6)

Ramspeck family

Ramspeck, George (see also Burgess Family)

Ramspeck, Louis (see also Ansley, Wiley)

Rawls, Dr.

Reagin, New – Lithonia

Redding, Mayor J.F. (1959)

Rehm, William (Willie) – large drawing of Willie in uniform. Located in oversized photograph collection, box 19

Reid, C.S. and Everett Williams

Richardson, Gene Brooks and Allen Bayard Richardson

Richardson, James Landras

Rickard, George Morgan

Ripley, Allen (see also Ansley, Wiley)

Russell, John family

Sams family (Eliza Catherine Houston, Joseph Augustine Sams)

Schweizer, Alfred

Scott, George Washington & Agnes Irving

Scott, Glynn Armitage; Hart, Brenda; Armitage, Judy

Scott, Tommy “Ramblin'” or “Doc” Tommy Scott

Severinghouse, Nelson (see alsoJulius McCurdy file)

Severinghouse, Mrs. Nelson (see also Julius McCurdy file)

Shaughnisey, Charley (see also Julius McCurdy file)

Sheppard, Rebecca

Sheppard, Sarah Frances

Simmons, G.W. & family

Simpson family (including Homer Simpson, Fuller Simpson & Margaret Hill, Lulu Simpson)

Simpson family

Singleton, Charlie (see also Tucker Baptist Church, Box 6; he was the preacher)

Singleton, Cliff & Lily

Singleton family (1910: Robert J. Singleton, Mary Elizabeth Vaughn Singleton, Bryan Singleton, Robert Jr., Dolly and Linda Singleton, Sally Anderson, and Ida Mae Coggins)

Slack, Mrs. Searcy (Julia)

Smith, C.W.

Smith, E.R.

Smith, Mr. & Mrs. C.W.

Smith, M.E.

Sprayberry, W.H.

Stapp, Mr. and Mrs.

Steele, Leslie J.

Stephens, Alexander (original photograph, seated in wheelchair)

Steward, J.B. (see also Burgess family)

Stibbens, A., Civil War era cabinet card

Stokes, Missouri

Swanton family


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Box 5


Tapp, Jud & Dora (Braswell)

Teper, Doug

Thompson, Thurmon (see also Julius McCurdy file)

Townsend, Martha Ann Almand

Trotti family (see also Candler, Scott Sr.)

Troup, George (see also Berrien, John MacPherson)


Venable, Miriam

Wallace family

Wallace, Robert (wedding pictures)

Ward, Judson

Ware, Tom

Warren family

Weaver, Rev. (see also Austin, Aurelia)

Webb, J.W. (Deputy Sheriff who was murdered in 1919)

Webster, W.B.

Weekes family (including James William, Eugenia Weekes, and Lorena Weekes)

Weems family (Confederate veterans, Charlotte Weems, Drew Willie Weems, Lula Weems, Minnie Weems, James Thomas Weems)

Wilson, Elizabeth- city commissioner and mayor of Decatur

Woods, Lt. Jerome – Lithonia

Weems, George Washington (see also Carter Home, box 9)

Wellborn, Louisa McCarter (see also Philips, Mary Virginia)

Wells family

White family (J.M. White Dairy)

White, Nat

Whitloch, Minnie Rowe

Woolf, Sallie


Photographs of unidentified individuals and groups may also have an unknown provenance. There are several photographs of Confederate soldiers in uniform as well as others from the 19th century. Some photographs are from the Georgia Archives Vanishing DeKalb submissions, so watch for rights information.


Business and Industry / Box 6 (A-K)


81 Theatr (African American Theater where Atlanta Ave. and Trinity intersect)

Abrams Store – Lithonia

Arabia Mountain Stone Crushing Co.

Atlantic and Pacific, Decatur

Bailey’s Shoe Shop

Barnett’s Store – Lithonia


Belle Shop

Bentz-Sams Farm

Big Ledge Quarry- Lithonia

Bond and Green Funeral Home

J.B. & W.A. Bond General Store

J.B. & W.A. Bond Sawmill

Bowen Press

Brown’s Mill

Burgess, E.N. farm – Lithonia

Burgess, E.N. general merchandise – Lithonia

Candler Hotel

Chamblee Dairy and Truck Farm/J.D. Wright

Cedar Grove Dairy

Cedar Grove Garage

Cheek’s Mill

Cheek and Nash Store

Chupp, Joshua LaFayette farm

Clarkston Butcher

Cofer Brothers Merchandise – Lithonia

Coffey’s Dry Goods – Lithonia

Colonial and Galaxy Drug building- East Lake and Meade

Cook’s Drugs

Davidson’s Dairy

Davidson Stone Mountain Granite Company

Decatur Bank and Trust/Bank of Decatur

Decatur Federal Savings and Loan

Decatur-general street scenes

DeKalb Asphalt Plant

DeKalb Cannery

DeKalb Farmers Market

DeKalb Federal Savings and Loan

DeKalb Granite

DeKalb Supply Company

First National Bank of Decatur

Flat Shoals Service Station

Freeman Drug Store

George, H.F. and M.H. general store

Goodard, I. B.,  store


Grady Hospital

Gulf Station-Tucker

Hairston, William T., cotton gin

Haralson, J.B. service station

Haynes, George Washington store

Hello World Grocery

Holcombe Television

Honea, Bruce Farm

Houston Mill, photograph of a picnic

Houston Mill

Hudson and Rogers

Hughes Store

John W. Hunt farm & sawmill – Tucker

Johns, Charlie store, late 1950s

J.C. Johnson’s Store – Lithonia

Jossey Hotel

Kirkwood Ambulance

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Business and Industry / Box 7 (L-Z)


Lane Drugs

Lithonia Banking Company

Lithonia Feed Store

Lithonia Mule Market

Lithonia Quarry

M&M Grocery – Lithonia

Mama Mia’s Pizza – Stone Mountain

Mathis Dairy

Matthew McClellan’s Garage

McClellan & Abram Auto Accessories – Stone Mountain Rd.

McWilliams, J.W. store – East Atlanta

Mitchell’s Mill – Lithonia

Morgan, Grady portable sawmill

Morgan’s Service Station

Morris, John Hamilton farm

Neil Theatre

Panola Light & Power Co.

Panter’s Barber Shop

Pat’s Restaurant

Payton, E.S. dairy, delivery truck in front of Rogers Store

Peachtree DeKalb Airport

Pierce, W.O. Dairy

Pine Mountain Quarry

Powell, M.D. Granite Co. – Lithonia

Ramspeck and Weekes Bros. Stores

Roberts Grocery – Lithonia

Scottdale Mill, includes a picture of the 1915 band

Scottdale Mill from poster found at DHC with key and map, interior and exterior

Scottdale Steel Mill, 2012.26

Scott’s Pharmacy

Sexton, Grover store

Sharian Rugs

Shields Meat Market

Simpson Dairy

Snow Dairy

Southern Printing and Novelty – Lithonia

Standard Oil

Stone Mountain Bank

Stone Mountain Granite Company

Studdard’s Shoes- Stone Mountain

Southeast Federal

SunTrust Bank (unidentified individual)

Syrup Mill (sorghum)

Tatum’s Drugs

Thompson’s Mill – Lithonia

Tucker’s Drug Store – Lithonia

Turner and Everitt

Veal’s Mill, 1890

Weaver, Hannah Farm

Weekes Brothers Grocery store

Wells, G.D. Country Store- Stone Mountain

Wells, Steve Furniture Company- Stone Mountain

Whitley’s Store – Lithonia

Unidentified: Sawmill

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Churches / Box 8


Antioch AME Church Lithonia

Belmont Methodist Church

Bethsaida Baptist-Stone Mountain

Cedar Grove Methodist Church

Chamblee Baptist Church Baptism at Folsom’s Pond, c. 1910.

Christian Church of Decatur, 1962

Clairmont Baptist Church- 14 photographs of the adult and child choirs, c. 1965

Clarkston Baptist Church – birthday party for Dr. Crowe, chairman of deacons

Clarkston First Baptist Church

Decatur First Presbyterian (one 8″ x 10″ photograph, 1952; five postcards with historic photographs of the church)

Doraville Presbyterian church

East End Methodist

Epworth Methodist

Fellowship Primitive Baptist

First Baptist Church Decatur

First Methodist Church (5 photographs of the parsonage & 1 postcard of Decatur)

First Presbyterian Church Decatur

First United Methodist

Forrest Hills Baptist-Decatur

Jackson Hills Baptist

Lithonia Baptist Church

Lithonia Central Baptist

Lithonia First Methodist

Lithonia Presbyterian

Lithonia Union Methodist

Lutheran Church Decatur

Macedonia Baptist Church, 1 of J.D. Ragsdale

Martha Brown Methodist Church- photocopy of a photograph of the entire 1923 bible class

Methodist Campgrounds

Methodist Children’s Home, photograph of young women working on the grounds

Methodist Episcopal Church, Stone Mountain

Methodist Episcopal Church South

Midway Baptist

Midway Presbyterian

Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Decatur

Oakhurst Baptist

Ousley Chapel Methodist Church (originally Briarwood Church)

Peachtree Baptist, Briarcliff & Lavista, 1903-1904

Philadelphia Baptist Church, photograph of the church and grounds, c. 1940

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

Prospect Methodist Church newspaper clipping, 1959

Redan Church

Rehoboth Baptist Church- 4 photographs of 1933 Baptism (taken in Peachtree Creek); 1 photograph of the church singing school, c. 1900

Rock Chapel Methodist- Several photographs of the church and misc. church members, c. 1940. Photographs show church members working on church grounds. Photograph of J.B. Bond.

Rockland United Methodist

Salem Presbyterian

St. Paul A.M.E. Church

Stone Mountain Presbyterian

Thankful Baptist Church

Trinity Church of Decatur, African American church, 1962

Tucker Baptist Church baptism ceremony, 1927

Unidentified Churches

Wesley Chapel Church – including photograph of the old church on the day it was torn down 1895

Zion Baptist, Stone Mountain


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Cities and Communities / Box 9


Atlanta misc. street scenes

Avondale Estates

Candler Park

Cedar Grove

Chamblee – including a 1979 picture of Mayor Woodie Malone cutting ribbon for underpass


Decatur – three folders; misc. scenes of Decatur, from the mid 20th century to present

Decatur – miscellaneous slides

Decatur- Reception at the Federal Savings and Loan building for All Working 4 Decatur, 1966

Decatur Sister city – Bousse, Burkina Faso, West Africa – photographs of a trip there in 1985 by Decatur city officials

Druid Hills

Dunwoody – including Cheek Mill, Spruill Farm, homes along Mt. Vernon Road, c. 1985; Dunwoody Gardens

East Lake


Lithonia – including photographs of quarry workers, c. 1930; 1 photograph of quarry workers located in the oversize photograph box; envelope of misc. homes in Lithonia

Redan – including Post Office, 1987 (after snow storm)

Rock Chapel


Stone Mountain – 3 folders

Tucker – including Standard Oil Building, c. 1945 (Jimmy Venable owned it and the Ku Klux Klan met there in the early part of the 20th century; two prints and several Polaroid photographs of Brownings Courthouse, 1985

Winnona Park – including photograph of Kirk Road, c. 1922; Avery Street, c. 1922; Winnona Park Elementary School, c. 1922


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Government: people, buildings, agencies / Box 10


Robert T. “Bobby” Burgess Public Safety Building

City of Decatur Police

City of Lithonia offices fire

Clinton-Gore Campaign 1992

Decatur City Commission

Decatur City Commissioner

Decatur City Council

Decatur City Hall

Decatur City Officials

Decatur DeKalb Library

Decatur Depot

Decatur Fire Engine, 1914

Decatur Fire Station #1

Decatur Post Office

Decatur Recreation Center

DeKalb Board of Education

DeKalb Building, Trinity Place and North McDonough

DeKalb Chamber of Commerce

DeKalb Convict Labor Farm

DeKalb County Courthouse Annex

DeKalb County Fire and Rescue Activities

DeKalb County fire engines

DeKalb County Fire Station #4

DeKalb County Fire Stations – #3 and #18

DeKalb County Grand Jury – 1946

DeKalb County Health Center

DeKalb County Jail

DeKalb County Officers

DeKalb County Police

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department

DeKalb Health Department, Clairemont

DeKalb Water Works

DeKalb County (Democratic Party of) Spring Fund Raising Dinner at the Plantation House Restaurant, Stone Mountain; dated 5/19/1973

Government Employees

“Laurel” DeKalb Water Plant

Old Decatur Water Tower

Senior Connections, 5238 Peachtree Rd, Chamblee


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Homes and Places (A-L) / Box 11


103 Springdale Road, J.T. Wikle

141 E. Trinity Place

422/424 West Ponce de Leon, “Rock House”

1848 North Decatur Road

Alston House, 260 Morgan Street

Argo House, 130 Hillyer Place

Avary-Fulton House, 205 S. Columbia Drive

Baldwin Home, 461 Oakdale Rd

Bellingrath Home, 217 Atlanta Avenue

Benning Home, Oakdale Rd

Biffle cabin

Billups Cabin, Decatur

Bond, Eason M. Jackson, Rock Chapel Rd, Lithonia

Brown, Marcus L., Clairmont Rd

Burdine House, 627 Sycamore

Burgess, Edward Newton, Covington Hwy

Byrd, John Plantation, River Rd

Calhoun-Jones Home

Calico House


Calloway House

Candler Mansion

Candler McKinney Clarke House, 146 S Candler

Carter, Jesse Gordon

Chapmon Powell house

Cheek Spruill house

Chivers Home “Villa Allegra,” 339 College Ave

Clark Family, Cedar Grove Rd.

Clark, Robert E. Lee, Miller Rd

Compton, Martha Lumpkin

Death House

Durand Farm, “Hawthorn”

Fernbank Museum, Emory Museum

Gay, Mary house

George, Benjamin F., Lithonia

Goodwin House, Peachtree Rd, Brookhaven

Gordon, John B., Kirkwood

Gresham, John N., 3300 Briarlake Rd

Hampton Home, 213 Hillyer Place

Harwell cabin, Decatur

Houston Home, 418 Church St

Houston Mill house, Emory

Housworth Cabin, S. Goddard Rd, Lithonia

Hudson, Pliney Eli

Hudson, William Guy

Jackson, Christopher Columbus, Flat Shoals Rd

Jackson, Thomas Christopher, Candler Rd

Jackson, Daniel E., McDonough St

Johnson, George Washington

Kemp farmhouse

Kuhn estate, 1260 McLendon

Langford, Northlake

Lithonia Methodist Parsonage

Lively, L.M.

Lyon Farm (near Panola Mountain)


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Homes and Places (M-Z) / Box 12


Mann, J.W.

(The) Manor, Stone Mountain

McCurdy, John Franklin, Stone Mountain

McCurdy, John W., Stone Mountain

McCurdy, William Tarleton – East Mountain St, Stone Mountain

McIntosh Home

McPherson cabin

McWilliams, Morse- “Great Oaks”

Milledge house

Montgomery Home, Sycamore Street

Moore Family, Moore Rd off Bouldercrest

Moore, Samuel D., Cedar Grove Rd

Morgan Street

Morris, John Brandon- “Cedar Grove”

Morris, John Hamilton, North Decatur Rd

Norton Home, Stone Mountain-Lithonia Road

Norton Davidson home, Lithonia, architect H.A. Rawlins

Park, Russell- 5198 Rock Springs Rd, Lithonia

Patterson home, Rehoboth

Powell, Oliver house

Ragsdale Home

Ragsdale, George W., Lithonia

Ramspeck, George A., East Ponce and Church St

Rowland (deJarnette) Home, 218 Barry St

Sage Home (Briarcliff/Zonolite/Sage Hill shopping ctr.)

Sams Home, College Ave and other Sams related

Sayward, William J.

Scott, Sycamore St (Scott Cooper)

Scott, G.W., Clearwater, FL holiday home

Scottish Rite, West Hill St and Oakview

Sheppard, William L.

Smith, Judge C.W., “Kildare”, 165 Whiteford Ave NE

Smith, Tullie, 2223 N. Druid Hills Rd then Atlanta History Center, Paces Ferry

Stonehaven (Hugh Howell Jr.) (also see Venable-Howell)

Sutton-Duke Home, 209 N Candler

Swanton House, 240 Atlanta Ave, then Trinity Place


BOX 12A:


Sycamore Street homes

Thomas/Barber cabin, Trinity Place

Thompson cabin, Trinity Place, Decatur

Thompson Family, Rockbridge Rd

Tilly, Atticus N., Cedar Grove Rd

Towers/Fowler/Thompson Home

Trinity Place Historic complex

UDC House, 120 Avery St

Unidentified Homes

Unidentified Places

Venable-Howell Home, Stone Mountain (also see Stonehaven)

Weekes, Hamilton, Church St

White, James Monroe, White’s Mill Rd

Williams-Evans “High House”


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Old Courthouse / Box 13


1897-1900 Temporary Courthouse

8×10 Photographs

Aerial Shots

Architectural Plans and Misc.

Banner Day (DeKalb Historical Society), 1991

Clocks, 1995

Confederate Memorial Day

DeKalb Historical Society Museum

Fast Food filming, 1988

Fifth Courthouse

First Courthouse replica

Fourth Courthouse

Fourth Courthouse with cupola, pre-1916 fire

Grounds,  misc

Ice Storms, 1935, 2000

Judge Tillman Tree, May 21, 1997


Older Interior shots



Renovations 1 of 2

Renovations 2 of 2

Third Courthouse, 1947-1898

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Military & Markers / Box 14


Atlanta and Surrounds –prints from the Ed Cummins Collection-Civil War

Civil War

Confederate trenches at New Hope church-May 26, 1864

Confederate Veterans

Governor’s Horse Guards, ca 1906

Historic markers

Lawson General Hospital

Vietnam Memorial Plaque Dedication, 1986

War bond rally

World War I

World War II

World War II Decatur Service Men’s Center

World War II Georgia State Guard Unit 202


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Organizations & Parks / Box 15


Antique Lovers Club

Boy Scouts

Calhoun Band

Civitan Club

Clarkston Grandmothers Club

Confederate Reunions and Groups

Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)

Druid Hills Golf Club

Junior League, Nov 1996

Leadership DeKalb

Lithonia Woman’s Club

Masonic Lodge Pythagoras, Number 41

Olympics 1996

Rotary Club marker dedication, June 1996

Sacred Harp

School Safety patrol

Soapstone Ridge




Candler Park

Lithonia Park and Stadium

Indian Springs

Stone Mountain Park

Wade Walker Park


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General & Schools (A-F) / Box 16


Antoinette Johnson School, Oakdale Rd


Beacon School

Belmont School, Covington Hwy

Bouldercrest School

Boys High School


Bruce Street School, Lithonia

Chamblee High School

Charlie Brown Play School, Lithonia


College Heights

County Line

Decatur Academy

Decatur Board of Education

Decatur Girls and Boys High School

Decatur High School

Decatur High School, 1952-1953

Decatur High School, 1971

Decatur Schools

Decatur Superintendents

DeKalb School Slides, 1949

DeKalb Teachers

Derden, John B. school

Donald Fraser


Druid Hills


East Lake School

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Schools (G-Z) / Box 17


Girls High School

Glen Haven


Herring Street school

Hi Y Commercial High School

Hooper Alexander, Avondale area


Lithonia Institute

Montreal School, Tucker

Murphey Candler

NSB Boys School


Oak Grove (1927)

Old 10th Street School


Ponce de Leon Elementary

Ponce de Leon PTA

Powell Academy, Klondike, S. Goddard Rd



Rock Chapel

Southwest DeKalb

Stone Mountain

Sylvan Hills, Smoke Rise

W.D. Thomson




University School, Stone Mountain

Wesley Chapel

Westchester School


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Schools: Colleges and Universities / Box 18


Agnes Scott; President Taft’s visit to Agnes Scott, 1909

Atlanta Baptist College

Columbia Theological Seminary

Emory University

Emory Village area and Emory buildings (Woodruff Library has rights)

Emory Alumni Office

Emory Glee Club

Methodist General conference (formed Emory University)

Oglethorpe University

Reform Medical College

University of Georgia


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Transportation / Box 19


Atlanta Skyline, 1982

“Buckline” train – Chamblee to Roswell

Buford Highway


Chamblee Depot

College Avenue

Covered Bridges

Decatur Depot, Georgia Railroad

Fire Department, Engine, steamer, ca. 1908

Fire Engines

Inman Yards, 1960

Locomotive, Trains

MARTA, May 1984

Moreland Avenue underpass, 1962

Snapfinger Creek Bridge

Stewart Road, Northwoods, Aztec Road unpaved streets by high school

Stone Mountain Railway


Streets and Roads, miscellaneous


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