Member Programs

DHC Programs: Pitts

DeKalb Traveler: Pitts Theology Library

Join other DHC Members on a tour of Pitts Library

DHC Programs: SCAD

DeKalb Traveler: SCAD FASH, Museum of Fashion and Film

Join other DHC Members on a tour of the SCAD Fash

DeKalb Traveler: The Chapel on Sycamore

Learn the history of the Chapel on Sycamore

DHC Programs: DeKalb Traveler Grant Mansion

DeKalb Traveler: L.P Grant Mansion & APC Headquarters

Tour the Grant mansion on this tour with DeKalb History Center Members.

DHC Programs: Meet Up

Member Meet-Up- GSU Perimeter College Garden

Join other DHC members for this casual and free meet-up at the GSU Perimeter College Native Botanical Garden. George Sanko, botanist, established the DeKalb College Botanical Garden in the spring of 1990. The garden also features a Ferns of the World area. This section contains possibly the largest selection of ferns in the US and […]

DHC Programs: DeKalb Traveler Tour

DeKalb Traveler: Home Garden Tour

Take a tour and learn about Georgia native plants with a home garden tour.

DeKalb Traveler: Decatur’s Legacy Park

Take a tour and learn about Decatur Legacy Park’s past and future

DHC Programs: Westview

DeKalb Traveler: Westview Abbey and Cemetery Tour

Take a tour of the Abbey at Westview Cemetery

DeKalb Traveler: Waffle House Museuem

Take a tour of the Waffle House Museum with fellow DHC members