Virtual Halloween Tour of the Historic DeKalb Courthouse


What haunts the walls of the Historic DeKalb Courthouse?
In this virtual Halloween Tour of the Historic DeKalb Courthouse, learn what and who haunts the hallways. Take a journey through time as we share stories from the vibrant past of the Historic DeKalb Courthouse. These stories include historical events, unexplained occurrences, and untold stories that still haunt these walls.

We enlisted the help of local psychic medium and lead guide of the Decatur Ghost Tour, Boo Newell, to see if she could help us communicate with the spirits who reportedly linger on the grounds of the courthouse. Thank you again to Boo Newell, of the Decatur Ghost Tour, and Doug Metcalfe for assisting us in investigating the courthouse this year, and a big thanks to the Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research for investigating with us in 2019.

Tour Guide: Marissa Howard, Programs and Membership Coordinator- DeKalb History Center

Videographer: Rebeca Selem, Exhibits & Communication Coordinator- DeKalb History Center

Editor: Marissa Howard

Filmed October 2020

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