Lecture: Fletcher Pearson Crown and Crown Camellia Gardens

April 18, 2023 10:00 AM
Fletcher Pearson Crown and Crown Camellia Gardens in Decatur, Georgia

During this lecture, we will explore how Fletcher Pearson Crown, who arrived as a young mother in Decatur over 100 years ago, created extensive gardens and a business in the early- to mid-twentieth century. Her uniquely successful gardening instruction business offered educational classes, lectures, and demonstrations in a variety of media to speak to homeowners interested in beautifying their landscapes. She continually sought ways to reach people across the Southeast, and broadened her range through garden clubs, newspapers, department stores, and radio. 

Our presenter, Treadwell Rice Crown, III, grew up in his Grandmother Fletcher’s home and gardens, ultimately putting down roots in Madison, GA. The garden he and his husband created over the last 38 years has served as a base for their gardening business and as inspiration for 13 years of Rick’s newspaper columns, garden talks, magazine articles, and an HGTV episode.

This event is in partnership with the North Georgia Camellia Society (NGCS) and support from the Cherokee Garden Library at the Atlanta History Center. 
The NGCS, a nonprofit organization, is devoted to educating gardeners of varying abilities and interests about camellias.
You can watch the recap here:



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