The Haven of Health and Happiness

Opening August 6, 2021

This exhibit dives into the history of Avondale Estates and brings to light details that were forgotten or simply left out of the city’s narrative.

Avondale Estates, Georgia, was established in 1924. Originally called Ingleside, Avondale developed quickly from mostly farmland into a “home lovers paradise” that was opened to new residents by 1925. The developer, George F. Willis, planned for a quaint “Old English” city with beautiful homes flanking a picturesque town center. It was also developed as an intentional “Whites Only” exclusive enclave, mirroring thousands of towns across the U.S. The majority of its historic buildings are preserved, but have ways of thinking remained in the last century as well?

Opening Friday, August 6


Photo Caption: Mr. Grales, foreman, with horse, circa 1920s. Forkner Collection, DeKalb History Center Archives.