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*Information provided is from 2012 data, unless otherwise indicated. Also see our Subject Files, Cemeteries page.






Adair Family Cemetery (AFC)

In the angle formed by White’s Mill Road, Candler Road, and Flat Shoals Road. Land Lot 119, 15th District


Adams, John  Family Cemetery (JAC)

A short distance southeast of the center of Brookhaven, between the Southern Railway and Buford Highway. Land Lot 201, 18th District, Cross Keys District; as of 2012, listed as not found


Adams, Salathial Cemetery (SAF)

Northwest of Peachtree Road on Old Cross Keys Road. Land Lot 345, 18th District. As of 2012, near Candler Lake on Oconee Pass.


Akin Family Cemetery

Land lot 207, district 18. Behind house on Shasta Way, near Northlake, and maintained by the family


Akins, Thomas J. Family Cemetery (TJA)

Southside of Briarcliff Road between Shallowford Road and Montreal Road, Land Lot 207, 18th District, DeKalb County, Browning’s District.


Alford Family Cemetery (ALF)

Land Lot 127, 16th District, Redan District


Albert-McGuire Family Cemetery

Land lot 92, District 16, at Wellborn and Giles roads.


Alford Family Cemetery

Land lot 126, district 16, Huntington Place Circle off Alford Rd


Anderson Cemetery (ANC)

Between Redan and Covington Roads and east of Barbeshela Creek. Land lot 32, 16th District.  As of 2012, the address is 701 South Hairston Rd


Anderson Family Cemetery (AFM)

Land Lot 51 or 52 near South River, 16th District, McWilliams District. aA of 2007, single (marked) grave of W.M. Anderson is on west side of Crossvale in the front yard of a house directly across from Hunters Valley. About 100 feet north of Hunters Valley and 75-80 feet from Crossvale Road.


Arnold Family Cemetery (ARN) Lithonia

South side of Old Covington Road just east of Lithonia near Georgia Railroad. 16th District. As of 2012, listed as not found


Bagwell Family Cemetery (BFC)

On Midvale Road off LaVista within the first block on the right hand side in an empty lot. Land lot 211, district 18.


Bennett Rainey (Smallpox) Cemetery (RSC)

4661 North Shallowford Road off the parking lot of a business at that address. The graves are at the base of some cedar trees. There is one un-inscribed marker lying flat on the ground.


Bethel Baptist Churchyard (BBC)

Panola Road-Redan Road between Stone Mountain and Redan. Land Lot 63, 16th District, Redan District


Bishop Family Cemetery (BIS)

Union Grove Road near DeKalb-Rockdale Line. 16th District, Diamonds District


Boring, Rev. Jesse Cemetery (JBC)

Decatur GA, Grounds of Methodist Children’s Home, 500 Columbia Dr., Decatur, DeKalb Co. As of 2023, it is called Legacy Park.


Braden Cemetery (BLC)

Off Old Tucker Road near the intersection of Old Tucker and Rosser Road. Land Lot 219, 18th District. There is a small gravel driveway (of sorts) with brush and dirt piled in it. Back through the woods a few yards, you will see the graves to the left. As of 2012, also listed as Braden Lankford cemetery


Cedar Grove Protestant Methodist Cemetery (CGP)

Bouldercrest Road, Land Lot 22, 15th District, Mills District


Chamblee Baptist Cemetery (CBC)

East side of Peachtree Road at Chamblee. Land Lot 299, 18th District, Cross Keys District. As of 2012, address is listed as 5303 New Peachtree Rd in Chamblee


Chestnut Hill Cemetery (CHE)

At Constitution, on the Southern Railroad, in DeKalb County, 2002 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316



Chestnut Knob (CKC)

Off Moreland Avenue near Fleetwood.


Chupp Family Cemetery (CFC)

Lithonia. Located at the intersection of Hwy 124 and Union Grove/Rock Chapel Road. Surrounded by a stone wall and has a small pavilion in the center with a double headstone in the middle. Land lot 167, 16th District


Clarkston Town Cemetery (CTC)

Land lot 95, 18th District, off Norman Rd


Clay Cemetery (CLA)

West side of Clay Street, N.E., between Hardee Street and Boulevard Drive. Land Lot 207, 15th District


Clifton Methodist Churchyard (CMC)

Clifton Church Road, .25 miles south of Flat Shoals Road. Land lot 107, 15th District.


Cochran Family Cemetery (COC)

Tucker. Located off Chamblee Tucker Road off Menlo Drive. Land lot 261, 18th District


Crosby-Woodall Family Cemetery (CRC)

Near Winter’s Chapel, Shallowford District.


Crowley Family Cemetery (CRO)

Avondale. Near intersection of Memorial Drive and Midway Road. Land lot 217, 15th District. Former Avondale Mall parking lot, now Wal-Mart.


Dabney-Shumate Family Cemetery (DSF)

Tucker. On Cooledge  Ave., between 1714 Cooledge  Ave. and the Sunnyland Day Care Center. You must park at the day care and walk into the small lot between the day care and the house at 1714. Only two markers are still standing. Land lot 166, district 18.


Dean, T.J. Family Cemetery (TJD)

A short distance northwest of the town of Stone Mountain. Land lot 124, 18th District.


Decatur Cemetery (DEC)

229 Bell Street, outside of downtown Decatur


Dempsey-Perkerson Family Cemetery (DPF)

River Road at Fork Creek. Land Lot 38, 15th District


Diamond-Mitchell Family Cemetery (DMC)

On Kimberland Garden Road. Take Stephenson Road, turn right on Deshon Road, then right on Kimberland Garden Road. The cemetery is on the right between two houses.


Donaldson Family Cemetery (DFC)

Chamblee-Dunwoody Road. Land lot 352, 18th District.


Doraville Cemetery

Near 6350 New Peachtree Road


Double Springs Cemetery (DSC)

Tucker. Between Tucker and Stone Mountain, Land Lot 217, 18th District. Nearest main crossroads is Old Rosser Road and Hugh Howell Road. Behind 5290 Rosser Road


Eastview Cemetery (EAS)

East Lake. Land Lot 204, 15th District, Bounded to the north by Boulevard Drive, east by Fayetteville Road, south by Cottage Grove Avenue, and west by Second Avenue.


Eidson Cemetery (EID)

Winters Chapel Road, almost directly opposite Winters Chapel. Land lot 307, 18th District


Family Cemetery (FAC)

North side of LaVista between Briarcliff Road and North Druid Hills Road. Opposite Houston Mill Road. Land Lot 110, 18th District


Farmer Family Cemetery (FFC)

Exit ramp of I-285 and Covington Highway, Avondale/Decatur. The exact spot appears to be between the exit ramp and a used car lot.  Land lot 196, 15 district.


Fellowship Primitive Baptist Cemetery (FPB)

Tucker. 2162 Fellowship Road, Tucker. On the west side of Fellowship Road, Land Lot 213, 18th District



Gholston, Zachariah Family Cemetery (ZGC)

South Side of Covington Road, a short distance southeast of Avondale. Land lot 231, 15th District.



Goddard Family Cemetery (GFC)

Near Lithonia, Land lot 167, 16th District. Intersection of Turner Hill, Rock Chapel and Union Grove roads


Goodwin, Harris Family Cemetery (HGC)

3931 Peachtree Road N.E., Atlanta. East side of Peachtree Road at Brookhaven, Land Lot 239, 18th District.


Goodwin, Solomon Cemetery (GFC)

A short distance north of Sheridan Road between Cheshire Bridge and Briarcliff Roads. Land Lot 154, 18th District. 1605 Chantilly Road


Greer Family Cemetery (GRC)

North side of Briarcliff Road between Briarwood Road and Clairmont Road. Land Lot 196, 18th District. Off Briarcliff Road in Summit St. Clair Apartments


Gresham Family Cemetery (GHC)

Tucker. Land lot 285, 18th District. Located on Chamblee-Tucker Road between Henderson Mill Rd. and Old Chamblee Tucker Road in DeKalb Co. GA. It is easily visible from the road.



Hall Family Cemetery (HFC)

Near intersection of Redan and Ellis Roads. Land lot 223 or 226, 15th District.


Hardeman Primitive Baptist Churchyard (HPC)

Southside of Glenwood Avenue just west of Columbia Drive Road. Land Lot 167, 15th District


Hardman Cemetery (HAC)

Decatur. Off Clairmont Road at the Emory University Apartments (student housing). Follow the road until it dead ends at a stand of trees. In these trees there are several graves with unreadable and some broken markers. Old cemetery is on Emory campus, off Starvine Way, district 15, land lot 59


Henderson, Greenville Cemetery (HCC)

Henderson Mill Road, Land lot 249, 18th District. In Glen Rose subdivision off Henderson Mill


Henderson, Marion Family Cemetery (HEC)

Tucker. Cooledge Road, near the Seaboard RR, land lot 190, 18th District. As of 2012,  information says moved; parking lot at Old Cooledge Road and Northlake parkway


Henderson, Rufus Cemetery (RHC)

Tucker, Henderson Mill Road, Land Lot 230, 18th District


Henderson, William G. Family Cemetery

On LaVista Road near Parklake Drive, Land Lot 210, 18th District.



Howell Family Cemetery

Howell Ridge Drive off Shadow Rock


Hulsey Family Cemetery (HUC)

South side of Evans Mill Road on a hill overlooking a sharp bend in the South River. Land lot 48, 16th District.


Humphries Family Cemetery (HHC)

Between the Southern Railway and Clairmont Road, Land Lot 278, 18th District.


Indian Creek Cemetery (formerly owned by Indian Creek Baptist Church)

426-498 N. Indian Creek Drive, Clarkston. Land lot 44, 18th District.


Johnson Family Cemetery (JWC)

East side of Johnson Road, N.E., just north of the intersection of Highland Avenue. Land Lot 56, Decatur District. As of 2012,moved to Decatur?


Johnson -Goldsmith -Maddox Cemetery (JGM)

North side of Memorial Drive, between West Mountain and Mountain View. Land Lot 91, 18th District.


Jones-Perkins-Hawkings Cemetery (JPH)


A short distance east of Avondale Estates in the angle formed by the junction of Covington Road and Midway Church Road. Land lot 218, 15th District, Midway Road at Covington Highway


Kelley’s Chapel Methodist Prot. Cemetery (KCM)

Kelley’s Chapel Road at Flat Shoals, land lot 67, 15th District.


Kelley Family Cemetery

Rockland Road and Klondike, District 16, land lot 84


Klondike Baptist Churchyard (KBC)

6910 Goddard Road, Lithonia, GA. Land Lot 113, 16th District.


Leverett Family Cemetery (LEC)

Between Rockbridge and Bermuda Roads, due east of Stone Mountain. Land Lot 81, 18th District. Between 730 and 718 Malvern Boulevard.


Lithonia #1 (LIT)


Lithonia Number Two (LTT)

Near Lithonia Number One on Bruce Street


Lithonia Town Cemetery (LTC)

Land lot 134, 16th District, between 718 and 730 Bermuda Road


Lively Family Cemetery (LIC)

North side of Briarcliff Road near Shallowford Road. Land lot 205, 18th District. Behind house on Briarwillow, off Briarcliff Road


Livsey Family Cemetery (LFC)

South side of LaVista Road between Pangborn and Montreal Roads. Land Lot 162, 18th District, LaVista near Frazier




Macedonia Baptist Cemetery (MBC)

Junction of Stone Mountain Road and Panola Road and Rock Springs Road. Land Lot 44, 16th District.


Mahaffey Family Cemetery (MAC)

Near intersection of Redan Road and Barbeshela Creek. Land Lot 2, 16th District.


Marbut Family Cemetery (MFC)

A short distance north of Lithonia and just east of the Georgia Railroad. Land lot 134, 16th District.


Marvin Cemetery (MAR)

East McDonough Road (Bouldercrest) Drive. Land Lot 111, 15th District.


Masters Family Cemetery (MAS)

5057 Flakes Mill Road, about one mile south of Flake’s Mill. On hill just south of Corn Creek. Land Lot 253, 12th District. Near Panthersville


Mathews, G.W. Family Cemetery (MAT)

On Lombard Road off of River Road in Land Lot 3, 15th District. If travelling from River Road to Lombard, it is on the left in a field next to a house.


Mauldin Cemetery (MAU)

A short distance south of Covington Road and west of Snapfinger Creek near the Belmont community. 15th District


Methodist Children’s Home (MCH)

506 Columbia Drive in Decatur; same as the Rev. Boring Cemetery. One grave.


Midway Baptist Cemetery (MID)

Land Lot 209, Dist. 18. Next to the Midway Baptist Church in a triangle formed by Henderson Mill Road and Briarcliff Road and the church near Northlake Mall.


Midway Presbyterian Churchyard (MPC)

Midway Church Road, about one mile southeast of Avondale Estates. Land Lot 199, 15th District.


Miller Family Cemetery (MIL)

Also known as the Ebenezer Cemetery. On Panola Road at the intersection of Panola Road and Snapfinger Woods. Land Lot 42, 16th District.


Miller-Morris Family Cemetery (MMF)

Tucker Road, northeast of Doraville. Land Lot 319, 18th District; as of 2000, Oakcliff Rd at 3400 thru 3406 Oakcliff Industrial Center and the rear of the home on Pin Oak Circle. There is a wooded area and the cemetery sits about three-quarters of the way down on that lot. It sits on top of a hill.


Millican Family Cemetery (MLF)

Northwest of Stone Mountain. Probably Land lot 136, 173, or 174. 18th District. Stone Creek Road in Smoke Rise


Mitchell Family Cemetery (MIT)

Near Thompson Mill and Miller Road, east of Snapfinger Creek. Land Lot 10, 16th District.


Mountain View Baptist Cemetery (MVB)

4618 Redan Road. Land Lot 225, 15th District.


Mountain View Cemetery (MVC)

Now Melwood Cemetery, On Atlanta-Stone Mountain Road between Clarkston and Stone Mountain. 18th District.


Mt Pleasant Baptist Cemetery (MPB)

Porter Road, Decatur.


Mt Zion AME (MZA)

2977 LaVista Road


Mt. Carmel Church of Christ Cemetery (MCC)

Candler Road, Decatur


Mt. Moriah Cemetery (MZZ)

Off N. Druid Hills on Mt. Mariah road


Nancy Creek Primitive Baptist Cemetery (NCP)

Chamblee. Go north on Peachtree Road, turn right on 8th Street and cross the RR tracks. Cemetery is on the right of the church and on the left of 8th Street. Land Lot 278, 18th District.


New Hope Cemetery (NHC)

Dunwoody, 18th District


New Hope Methodist Churchyard (NHM)

Junction of McDonough and Moreland Avenue S.E. Land Lot 81, 15th District.


Oak Grove Baptist Churchyard (OGB)

Near Brown’s Mill on Snapfinger Creek. 15th District.


Old Mt Calvary Methodist Churchyard (OCM)

Also known as: Old Cross Roads Methodist Churchyard. North side of Old Lawrenceville Road near DeKalb-Gwinnett county line. 18th District.


Old Fellowship Primitive Baptist Cemetery (OFP)

Off Brockett Road in Tucker. From Brockett Road, turn onto Wildflower Lane (a cul-de-sac). Go to the end of the road and there is a wooden fence with a sign “Old Fellowship Cemetery”.


Old Flat Shoals (Morris Family) Cemetery (OFS)

Flat Shoals Road a short distance northwest of Panola. Land Lot 15, 16th District


Old Klondike Baptist Cemetery (OKB)

A short distance southeast of the village of Klondike, near the junction of Klondike and Robinson Roads. Land Lot 144, 16th District.


Old Macedonia Cemetery (OMC)

Land Lot 23, 15th District, Access between 2553 and 2557 Pendergrass Ct


Old Mt Pisgah Cemetery (OMP)

Off Deshon Road, near Snapfinger Creek. Land Lot 81, 18th District


Old Wesley Chapel Cemetery (OWC)

Near present Wesley Chapel, 15th District


Ousley Chapel Methodist Chapel (OUS)

Candler Road between Decatur and Panthersville. Land lot 152, 15th District.


Panthersville (White’s) Cemetery (PWC)

Panthersville, Junction of Candler and Flat Shoals Road. Land Lot 104, 15th District


Pauper’s Cemetery

Near Mountain View Rest Home, Resthaven Dr, land lot 252, district 15


Peachtree Baptist Cemetery (PBC)

Southwest intersection of Briarcliff and LaVista Roads. Land Lot 109, 18th District


Phillips Cemetery (PHI)

Lithonia, Off Wellborn Road; as of 2012, behind 2220 and 2218 Cody Court, near Covington Highway


Pickens-Lee Cemetery (PLC)

All graves were moved to Melwood Cemetery, near Clarkston and Zion Baptist Church, on Old Stone Mountain/Ponce de Leon Road. Graves were moved by 1989.


Pierce Drive Cemetery

Chamblee. Located behind the Red Lobster on Peachtree Industrial Blvd


Pleasant Hill Baptist Cemetery (PHB)

On Chamblee-Tucker Road in Tucker. This is the intersection with Tucker-Norcross Road, Pleasantdale Road, and Chamblee-Tucker Road. Land Lot 288, 18th District


Poplar Springs Baptist Church Cemetery

River Mill Rd and River Chase Drive, land lot 27, 15th district


Prospect Methodist Cemetery (PMC)

Near the intersection of Peachtree Road and N. Peachtree Road. Bounded to the north by the intersection of N. Peachtree and Tally Drive. Land Lot 309, 18th District.


Prosperity Cemetery (PRO)

West side of Peachtree Road between Chamblee and Doraville. Land Lot 309, 18th District.




Redan Town Cemetery (RTC)

On Georgia RR between Stone Mountain and Lithonia. Land Lot 93, 16th District


Rehoboth Cemetery (REH)

Off Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker


Robertson Family Cemetery (ROB)

Off Salem Road between Panola Road and Crossville Road. Land Lot 52, 16th District


Rock Chapel Methodist Cemetery (RCM)

About 2 miles N.E. of Lithonia. Land Lot 190, 16th District


Rock Springs Primitive Baptist Churchyard (RSP)

Rock Springs Road, east of Pole Bridge Creek. Land Lot 85, 16th District.


Scott Family Cemetery (SCO)

Near intersection of Redan Road and Barbashela Creek. 15th District


Scottdale Cemetery (STS)

Scottdale on Old Scottdale Road, just before Washington Park, Land Lot 47, 18th District.


Shaw Family Cemetery (SHA)

Covington Road, about 2 miles east of Lithonia. Between Covington Road and Georgia RR. Near DeKalb-Rockdale county line.


Sheppard, David Family Cemetery (SFD)

South side of Redan Road between Durham Park Road and Ellis Road. Land Lot 222, 15th District


Smith-McElroy Cemetery (SEC)

Between Redan and Covington Roads and east of Barbeshela Creek. Land lot 3 or 4, 16th District. As of 2012, behind house at Hemingway road and Martins Crossing


Snead-Smith Cemetery (SSC)

Near intersection of Rockbridge and King Roads. On Mountain Creek, east of Stone Mountain. Land Lot 30, 18th District


Spencer P. Wright Family Cemetery (SWF)

North side of Briarcliff Road, near Shallowford Road. Land lot 206, 18th District.


St Paul Baptist Church Cemetery (SPB)

Wilson Road, just off Montreal Road in Tucker. District 18, land lot 148.


Stamps (or Parker Family) Chapel Cemetery (SCC)

West side of Second Avenue, Decatur. Land Lot 172, 15th District.


Steele Family Cemetery (STE)

In area bounded by Seaboard AirLine RR, Cheshire Bridge Road, LaVista Road, and Briarcliff Road. Southwest of Peachtree Church. Land Lot 107, 18th District


Stephenson, John Family Cemetery (STP)

Evans Mill Road at Pole Bridge Creek. Land Lot 19, 16th District


Stone Mountain Cemetery (SMC)

Stone Mountain. Located at Memorial Drive, East Ponce de Leon, and Silver Hill Roads. Land Lot 126, 18th District


Stowers Family Cemetery (STO)

Due south of Klondike, in the extreme S.E. corner of DeKalb County. Land Lot 249 or 232, 11th District. As of 2012, 4826 Klondike Road (Georgia Power facility).


Sylvester Cemetery (SLY)

On Braeburn Road, off of Clifton Road in east Atlanta. Land Lot 147, 15th District


Terrell-Ford Family Cemetery (TFF)

About .75 miles west of Bouldercrest Road, a short distance SE of the intersection with Flat Shoals Road. Land Lot 144, 15th District


Thomasville Cemetery (THO)

On Fleetwood Drive, between its intersection with Fayetteville Road and Almand Road. District 15, land lot 30


Tidwell Family Cemetery (TID)

West side of Briarcliff Road about .5 miles north of North Decatur Road. Land Lot 57, 18th District.


Towers, Isaac Family Cemetery (TOW)

East side of Covington Road, near and west of Snapfinger Creek. Land Lot 191, 15th District.


Turner Family Cemetery (TUR)

North of Redan, Land Lot 98, 16th District


Turner Hill Missionary Baptist Cemetery (THM)

Turner Hill Road, Land Lot 181, 16th District


Union Grove (UGC)



Veal Family Cemetery (VFC)

Moved to the Stone Mountain Cemetery, 1987.


Veal-Smith Family Cemetery (VSM)

Between Redan and Covington Roads and east of Barbeshela Creek. Land Lot 3 or 4, 16th District. As of 2012, across from 4827 Lost Colony drive off South Hairston.


Vinson Cemetery (VIN)

North side of Covington Road between Wesley Chapel Road and Snapfinger Creek. Land Lot 162, 15th District




Wade Cemetery (WAD)

Rockbridge Road SE of Stone Mountain and east of Georgia RR. Land lot 24, 18th District.



Wade Family Cemetery (WFC)

Off Covington Highway, district 15, land lot 162


Waldrop Family Cemetery (WAL)

Just off Turner Hill Road, SE of Turner Hill Church. Land Lot 181, 16th District


Warbington Family Cemetery (WAR)

Also known as “Old Warbington Cemetery” Tucker Road near Gwinnett County line. Land Lot 318, 18th District



Webb Cemetery (WEB)

Decatur, On McAfee Road near Nichols Lane. Land Lot 169, 15th District.


Wells Family Cemetery (WEL)

Tucker-Stone Mountain Road, near Tucker. As of 2012, Graves moved to Stone Mountain city cemetery


Wesley Chapel Methodist Cemetery (WCM)

Wesley Chapel Road at junction of Orphan’s Home Road. Land lot 126, 15th District. As of 2012, Snapfinger and Rainbow Drive.


Wheeler, Jacob Memorial Bridge Cemetery (JWM)

On the road from Panthersville to Wesley Chapel. 15th District


Winters Chapel (WIN)

Winters Chapel Road near DeKalb-Gwinnett County line. Land Lot 307, 18th District


Wright, William Cemetery (WWC)

Located on what used to be the old Federal Honor Farm in South DeKalb County. If you take Clifton Springs Road south, cross I-285, the next street on the right is Clifton Springs Manor. Go to Clifton Springs Manor and the cemetery is behind the house. District 15, land lot 74


Zion Baptist Churchyard (ZBC)

Ponce de Leon and Mountain Industrial boulevard. Land lot 140, 18th District