HISTORY QUEST 2017, October 24th-26th 2017

2nd Grade (SSH1, SSH2, MA2CN1)

3rd Grade (SSH1, SS3H2, SS2G2, MA3CN1 )

4th Grade (SS4H1,SS4H4, MA4CN1)


This immersive experience will let students grades 2-5 meet historic figures featured in their curriculum. Students will wander through our Historic Complex and meet such figures as Harriett Tubman, James Oglethorpe, Hernando DeSoto, Tomochichi and Booker T. Washington.


For a comprehensive list of performers or to book, contact howard@dekalbhistory.org or call 404.373.1088 ext 20 


Price: $11/$9 for Title 1 (Support Staff Free)

Location: Historic Complex (Adair Park)

Time: 10:00 am -12:30 pm, 2.5 hours

Lunch: Picnic Available





Other Programs:



CIVIL WAR Walking tour

4th Grade (SS4H5, SS4H6, SS4G1, SS4G2, SS4E1)

8th Grade (SS8H5, SSH86, SS8E1)

Grades 4, 8

Students will learn the rich history of DeKalb County and Decatur during the Civil War. The tour will begin in our exhibit Tears and Curses: A Human Focus on the Civil War and finish with a walk around Decatur Square.

(1.25 hours. $8. Title 1 discount available.)


Coming Fall 2017

DeKalb Explorers

Grades K-3



For more information or to book, contact Marissa Howard at Howard@dekalbhistory.org or call 404.373.1088 ext 20