Volunteer Opportunities

The DeKalb History Center needs you to become a Volunteer!


There are many volunteer opportunities that exist at the DeKalb History Center:

* Assisting the DHC office and archives with light clerical work and projects
* Serving on DHC Committees
* Assisting during special DHC events and programs

* Assisting with school and children's programs (background search required)
* Assisting with mailings

Our volunteers provide a great service to the Center and local community and we value their time and support. The commitment is minimal – only a few hours per month – but the rewards are great – preserving history, contributing to the community, and learning more about DeKalb History, Architecture, and Genealogy


Please contact DHC at blomqvist@dekalbhistory.org or 404-373-1088, extension 28, for more information or to volunteer.


Many thanks to these volunteers who helped the DHC in 2016 - 2017!


Ayanna Akodundu, Jennifer Blomqvist, Eliot Brazeale, Evelyn Coen, Linda Graves, Mary K. Jarboe, Cathy Mullins, Mike Pratt, Claudia Stucke, and Jamie Yorker.


Silent Auction & Annual Meeting:

Rick Setser, Cathy Mullins, Mary K. Jarboe, John Coleman, Linda Fountain, Claudia Stucke, Lyle Davis, Pat Solomon, Nora Tocups, Beth Shorthouse, Pete Pfeiffer, Shelia Harkelroad, Melissa Spalding, Tiffany Parks, Greg Donaldson, and Brad Syna.


History Adventure & other school programs:

John Coleman, Linda Fountain, Linda Graves, Mary K. Jarboe, Cathy Mullins, Tiffany Parks, Meg Samuels, Pat Solomon, Nora Tocups


Walking Tours:

LaDoris Davis, Mary K. Jarboe, Cathy Mullins and Nora Tocups