Volunteer Opportunities

The DeKalb History Center needs you to become a Volunteer!


There are many volunteer opportunities that exist at the DeKalb History Center:
* Serving on DHC Committees
* Assisting during special DHC events and programs

* Assisting visitors to DHC

* Assisting with school and children's programs (background search required)
* Assisting with mailings

* Leading tours of the courthouse and surrounding areas (training provided)

Our volunteers provide a great service to the history center and local community and we value their time and support. The commitment is minimal, but the rewards are great – preserving history, contributing to the community, and learning more about DeKalb History, Architecture, and Genealogy.


Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at blomqvist@dekalbhistory.org or 404-373-1088, extension 28, for more information or to volunteer.


Many thanks to these volunteers who helped the DHC in 2018!


Cathy Mullins, Charles Turner, David Stanhope, Holly Vincent, Janie Yorker, LaDoris Davis, Lucy Larrousse, Linda Graves, Mary K Jarboe, Jim Jarboe, Michael Lehman, Mike Pratt, Mindy Georges, Nora Tocups, Tricia Wynegar, Robert and Joan Cooper, Velda Goldberg, Veronica Healy, Angela Turk, Claudia Stucke, Ronald Ramsey, Jacqui Steele, Joe Stoner, John Hewitt, John Holley, Keri Stevens, Lyle Davis, Meg Samuels, Mindy Pillow, Pete Pfeiffer, Rick Setser, Sam McRae, Sheila Harkleroad, Stephanie Cherry-Farmer, Suzy Tarnower, Tiffany Parks, Ken Thomas, Joyce Cohrs, Jim Overbeck, Jane Simon, Caleb Martin, Greg Donaldson, Mark Howard, Martin Blomqvist, Timothy Patton