Folder List for Photographs

Folder    Accession     Contents                                 ___Date(s)____

1                                  Bagwell                                                              2005       

2          1984.270   Towers family/Brockett Oak

3          1987.58      Chupp                                                                 1987, 1999

4                                  Chesnut/Chestnut Knob

5                                  Clarkston

6                                  Crowley family

7                                  Dabney Shumate

8                                  Decatur cemetery

9                                  Diamond Mitchell                                          1999

10                                Donaldson family                                          1999

11                                Double Springs

12                                Ebeneezer                                                         1999

13                                Eidson                                                                 1999

14                                Fairfield Baptist/Kilgore Rd                      2004

15                                Fellowship Primitive Baptist                     1994

16                                Gresham Weed                                                1999

17                                Hardman                                                            1955-1999


Folder    Accession     Contents                                 ___Date(s)____

18                                Henderson family                                            1999, 2005

19                                Henderson, HG                                                  1991, 2005

20                                Indian Creek                                                      1999

none    1985.220   Lithonia off Bruce Street/Lithonia One

21                                Livsey Memorial                                             2005

22                                Midway                                                               2005

23                                Millican family

24                                New Bethel AME                                             2004

25                                Old Fellowship                                                 1997

26                                New Hope Methodist                                    1999

27                                Old Macedonia                                                1991

28                                Pauper’s Cemetery

29                                Peachtree Baptist

30                                Pickens Lee                                                       1989

31                                Stone Mountain                                               1975-1999

32                                Pounds family                        

33                                Prospect

34                                Prosperity

35        1984.270    Rehoboth                                                          1984-1999

36                                Robertson

37                                Sylvester

None                           unknown

None   FITS.33       Veal Smith family

38                                Wade

39                                Wesley Chapel




The cemetery files are comprised of Franklin Garrett's cemetery records for DeKalb County, Georgia. Mr. Garrett created these records in 1930 and 1931 by visiting cemeteries within a 25 mile radius of Five Points in Atlanta and transcribing the headstones. The original Garrett cemetery records can be found at the Atlanta History Center which is located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.

The DeKalb History Center thanks Mr. Garrett for allowing them to share his cemetery records through this website. Special thanks also go to Shirley Brown of Stone Mountain and Bill King of the Paideia School, both of whom performed many hours of data entry to complete this database. DHC also thanks Mary West, who is fast becoming an authority on the cemeteries of DeKalb.

General Files

Georgia Cemetery laws – U.S. Department of the Interior

Cemetery Preservation documents

Publicity regarding GA cemetery laws


Cemetery symposium


Individual cemeteries

Adair family cemetery

Adams, John family cemetery

Adams, Salathiel family cemetery

Akins, Thomas J.

Alford family cemetery

Anderson cemetery (African American)

Anderson cemetery

Anderson Family cemetery

Arabia Mountain Heritage area cemeteries report

Arnold family cemetery

Bagwell family cemetery

Bethel Baptist churchyard

Bishop family cemetery

Boring, Rev. Jesse

Braden family cemetery

Brockett Oaks

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Chamblee Baptist Church

Chestnut Knob Cemetery

Chestnut Hill cemetery

Chupp family cemetery

Clarkston Town cemetery

Clay cemetery

Clifton Methodist

Clifton springs

Cochran family cemetery

Constitution cemetery

County Line United Methodist Church (African American)

Crosby-Woodall family cemetery

Crowley family cemetery

Dabney-Shumate family cemetery

Dean family cemetery (Gwinnett)

Dean, T.J. family cemetery

Decatur cemetery- Franklin Garrett List (1 of 5)

Decatur cemetery (2 of 5)

Decatur cemetery (3 of 5)

Decatur cemetery (4 of 5)

Decatur cemetery (5 of 5)

Diamond-Mitchell family cemetery

Donaldson family cemetery

Double Springs


Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church

East View

Eidson cemetery

Fairfield Baptist Church

Family cemetery

Farmer family cemetery

Fellowship Primitive Baptist

Flat Rock United Methodist Church

George Family (Rockdale)

Gholston, Zachariah Family cemetery

Gober family cemetery (Gwinnett)

Goddard family cemetery

Goodwin Harris family cemetery

Goodwin, Solomon Jr. family cemetery

Greer family cemetery

Gresham cemetery

Guess cemetery

Hall family cemetery

Hardman cemetery

Harrell Grove Baptist Church (African American)

Hearn Cemetery

Henderson cemetery

Henderson, Greenville Family cemetery

Henderson, Rufus Family cemetery

Henderson, William G.

Howell cemetery

Hulsey family cemetery

Humphries family cemetery

Indian Creek cemetery (1 of 2)

Indian Creek cemetery (2 of 2)

IOB Lodge cemetery (African American)

Johnson family cemetery

Johnson, William family cemetery

Johnson Goldsmith Maddox

Jones Perkins Hawkins

Kelly’s Chapel Methodist Protestant

Kelley family cemetery

Klondike Baptist

Langford Henderson cemetery

Leverett family cemetery

Lithonia town cemetery

Lithonia (African-American) (1 of 2)

Lithonia (African-American) (2 of 2)

Livsey family cemetery

Macedonia Baptist

Mahaffey family cemetery

Marbut family cemetery

Martin, Stephen

Marvin cemetery

Mason Baptist Cemetery (African American)

Master’s cemetery

Mathews, G.W. family cemetery

Mauldin family cemetery

Melwood cemetery (previously Mountain View)

Midway Baptist

Midway Presbyterian

Miller family cemetery

Miller Morris family cemetery

Millican family cemetery

Mitchell family cemetery

Mt. Carmel Church of Christ

Mt. Moriah Church cemetery (African-American)

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church cemetery (African-American)

Mt. Zion A.M.E. church (African American)

Mt. Zion A.M.E. #2 (near Peachtree) (African-American)

Mountain View Baptist

Mountain View cemetery (now Melwood)

Nancy Creek, including MARTA reports from 1985

Nesbit family cemetery

New Bethel A.M.E.

New Hope Methodist

New Hope

Norris family cemetery

Oak Grove Baptist

Oak Grove Methodist

Oakland cemetery

Old Crossroads cemetery

Old Fellowship

Old Flat Shoals (Morris)

Old Klondike Baptist

Old Macedonia cemetery (Methodist)

Old Mt. Cavalry Methodist

Old Mt. Pisgah

Old Wesley Chapel

Ousley Chapel Methodist

Panthersville or White cemetery

Pauper’s cemetery (Mountainview)

Perkerson, Dempsey Family cemetery

Phillips cemetery (African American)

Pickens Lee family cemetery

Pierce Drive Chamblee

Pleasant Hill Baptist

Poplar Baptist (African American)

Prospect Methodist


Rainey, Bennett cemetery (smallpox cemetery)

Redan Town

Rehoboth Baptist Church

Robertson family cemetery

Robinson family cemetery (African American) (Flat Shoals)

Robinson family cemetery Rockdale

Rock Chapel Methodist Slave cemetery

Rock Chapel Methodist Church

Rock Springs Primitive Baptist

Scott family cemetery

Scottdale (African American)

Shaw Family

Singleton cemetery (Gwinnett)

Smith McElroy (also known as Mocasin Gap)

Snead Smith

Sodom cemetery (Gwinnett)

St. Paul’s Baptist (African American)

Steele family cemetery

Stephenson, John family cemetery


Stone Mountain

Stowers family cemetery


Terrell Ford family cemetery

Thomasville cemetery (African American)

Tidwell family cemetery

Towers family cemetery

Turner family cemetery

Turner Hill Missionary Baptist (African American)

Unknown @ Thurman Road/Old McDonough Road


Wade family cemetery

Waldrop family cemetery

Warbington family cemetery

Washington Park


Wells family cemetery

Wesley Chapel Methodist

Wheeler Grave

Winters Chapel Methodist Cemetery (Winters Chapel Rd.)

Wright, Spencer P. Family cemetery (on side of Briarcliff Rd. near Shallowford Rd.)

Zion Baptist Cemetery (between Clarkston and Stone Mountain)