General - Log Cabins

1960s Suburban architecture – DeKalb

Single-family residential development 1945-1970

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Logan and Williams

Mastin and Associates

Robert and Company


Historic Buildings

Blair - Rutland Building
Briarcliff - Normandy Apartments
Brownings Courthouse
Callaway Grocery
Cora Beck Hampton Schoolhouse
Decatur City Hall
Decatur Depot
Decatur Waterworks

DeKalb Building
DeKalb County Jail Houses
Galloway Livery Stable
Hotel Candler
Houston Chapel
Old Courthouse on the Square - Images
Old Courthouse Renovation 1820's - 1965
Old Courthouse Renovation 1966-1988
Old Courthouse 1989
Old Courthouse - History
Old Courthouse - Lawn, Trees, Objects
New Courthouse
Pythagoras Lodge No. 41,Masonic Temples
R.F. Sams Farm

Ridley Howard House-Clairemont and Scott Blvd.
United States Post Office, Decatur GA


Historic Districts

Clairmont Ave. Historic District
M.A.K. District (McDonough, Adams, Kings)
Old Decatur Historic District
Ponce de Leon Court District


Historic Homes

Biffle Cabin (1 of 2)
Biffle Cabin (2 of 2)

Billups, Lanier Cabin
Bishop Warren A. Candler Home
Bond Family House 1226 Rock Chapel Rd.
129 Church Street
Dunwoody Crier
822 Lullwater Road
"Lullwater Farm"
1115 Lullwater Road
1192 McLendon Ave. Maj. Moreland House

1260 McLendon Ave. Kuhn estate
1848 N. Decatur Road
794 Springdale Rd., "Boxwood"

4146 Chamblee Dunwoody Fischer Hurt House

424/425 West Ponce de Leon
Adair House
Alston House
Argo-Tilson-Bixler Home
Atlanta White House'
Augustus H. Benning Home
"Briarcliff' - Asa Candler Home
Burdine House
Callan Castle
Callanwolde Mansion
Candler-McKinney-Clarke Home
Candler's Kirk Road Farm
Chapman Powell House
Cheek Spruill House
Davidson Cottage
Death House

Donaldson-Bannister House and Cemetery

Druid Hills - General
Edwards-Malone Home

Evans-Williams Home

Everhart - 6 Clairmont Avenue
Fischer Mansion
"Forty Oaks"
Fulton House
Going Home
Goodwin House
"Great Oaks"
Halliburton Hall
"High House"
Hansford Sams, Sr. Home
Harwell Cabin
Hester House
Houston Home
Houston Mill House
Houston Mill House - From the Carr Collection
Housworth Homeplace
J.W. Mann House
Jackson House
Johnsone Home
Kemp-Castle House
Lindig Cabin

Loyd Homeplace

Lullwater Farm
Lumpkin, Compton, Broome House
Lyon Farm
Lyon House
McPherson Cabin
Marble House
Marble Palace
Mary Gay House
Mary Gay House (1 of 2)
Mary Gay House (2 of 2)
Mebane House
Milledge House
Moore's Plantation
Morris House
Morris Home
Murphey Candler House
Neville and Helen Farmer Lustron House 513 Drexel Avenue
Paradiso Mansion

Pearce House, 125 Madison Ave.
Perrin House
Ponce de Leon Infirmary

Ragsdale House
"Rainbow Terrace"
Red Cross House
Rest Haven
Russel and Nellie Pines Lustron House 2081 Sylvania Drive
Sage House
Samuel House Home
Scott-Cooper House
The Seminary
Sheppard Home
Smith-Benning House
Steele-Cobb House

Steward-Rowland House
Stillwood Plantation
Stone Haven
Sutherland House
Swanton House (1 of 2)
Swanton House (2 of 2)
Gifts to Swanton House
T.R.R. Cobb House
Thomas-Barber Cabin
Thompson Cabin
Thornton House
Tullie Smith House
Towers-Fowler-Thompson House
Williams House
William Smith Ansley House

William T. Gentry House
"Wistaria Hall"
Cator Woolford Home (1 of 2)
Cator Woolford Home (2 of 2)
Zuber-Jarnell House